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Posted 28 July 2010 - 11:22 AM

Post: Resto PvE Compendium and General Discussion
User: P_H
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Worry not, my absolute last concern is how I show up on the meters, lol.

We haven't gotten past P1 yet, so I'm speaking only of experience from there. This does make me worry for p2, though, where you have infests still regularly hitting alongside Defile and the Valks (and with that siphon life, no less).

Maybe we're doing something wrong as a healing team, but I found it very difficult to do anything but load up the fifth group with HoTs and prepare for the next infest hit. This is my main concern, though it wasnt very clear in my previous post.

In p1, I've been reserving swiftmend to immediately take care of one infest, then I end up scrambling with nourishes to try to heal up anyone else with infest still on them, praying for one of the Pallies to throw a HL my way. Then I have a bit of time to throw HoTs on tanks and help out there, but from around ~10s until the next infest, I'm back to refreshing nearly full HoTs on that fifth group again... ):

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