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[Alliance] <JAC> Cataclysm Re-roll Guild now recruiting serious players

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Posted 31 July 2010 - 02:42 AM

<JAC> is a Cataclsym re-roll guild founded by players that have played together for years.

Our goal is simple: create a strong presence in both PvE and PvP while starting fresh on a server launched with Cataclysm. We are only recruiting the best - in both aspects of the game. We don't require members to participate in both PvE and PvP; in fact if you're terrible at PvP or can't stand raiding - don't do it. Our raid is led by a top 50 US GM with multiple server firsts under his tag, with the intention of getting more. Our rated BGs are led by multiple BG9 glads/rank1 players.

The guild is more or less two different guilds in one, with some player cross-over. Note that both sections (PvE/PvP) have different recruitment qualifications and being accepted into one doesn't mean you'll be able to participate in the other - you can, however, apply to both.

Some of our members:

Raid Leader - Qso (S2/3/4 Glad, 2700, Raid Leader (Server Firsts: Naxx10/25, Maly10/25, Sarth10/25/0-D, Yogg+0 10/25, Algalon 10/25, ToGC10/25 - Insanity)
BG Leader - Darqui (S2/3 Glad, 2850)

Reverse (S6/7 Glad, S8 R1 Glad, 2900)
Poriza (S6/7/8 Glad, 2875)
Smilin (2700)
Bané (Glad S3/4/6)
Emad (Glad S3/4/6)
Drobah (High Warlord, 2650+, server first raider)
Malaqt (Glad S1/2/5/6/7)

Looking specifically on elitistjerks for a full-time protection paladin and 2 healers, but all outstanding applications will be carefully considered. Note that there are two raid groups (PST and EST based) the roles are for the PST group.

For more information or to apply visit <JAC> Guild

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    Glass Joe

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Posted 04 August 2010 - 08:28 AM

Still looking for the right applicants.

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