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[Horde][Spirestone]<tys> - need DPS and heals for heroic LK 25

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Posted 06 August 2010 - 03:18 AM

<tys> is currently 11/12 HM 25man ICC and 12/12 HM 10man ICC.

The following is a list of classes that are top priority but we're always looking for skilled players no matter what class/spec.

High Demand
Holy Pally
Cat Druid
Ret Pally
Enhance Sham

In Demand
Fury Warrior
Resto Sham
Shadow Priest

A little about us::

Our player base comes from all over the United States, Asia, Australia, and South America. Essentially we’re a small group of mature skilled players who have alot of fun clearing content together. We've been doing endgame content for 4 years so we've got a lot of experience to offer as well as stability. What we're looking for is solid players and kickass individuals who want the opportunity to experience endgame and decimate content as much as we do.

Raid Times:: 6pm PST – 10pm PST – Monday to Thursday. On our off nights as well as after raids, we like to focus on 10 man content.

Attendance:: We prefer those who have high amounts of playtime. We keep a small roster which means you'll almost always be getting a raid invite but the flip side is you have to be on. <tys> is not a raid factory where there's always 50+ people online at raid time. You're joining a tight knit crew and we're counting on you to log in consistently. It's expected of you to maintain something close to 95 - 100 % attendance.

Attitude:: We are a very sociable guild on top of one who enjoys progression. A lot of people here hang out on vent before and after raids, play alts in pugs or start their own. Some even enjoy pvping together on off nights even though they suck at it. A lot of jokes fly around here and the language is not one for someone who is politically correct. If you make a mistake we will not hesitate to let you know (in our own way). Most people here have been playing together for many years and it is important to us that you fit in.

Further Info::

If you'd like to apply or have any questions regarding the application process the following people are the ones who you should contact: Ducksauce, Lewn, Elv, Modarch, Thewon, or Mushupork . Application info can also be found on our website tys | WoW Raiding Guild | Guides | Strats | Cataclysm.

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