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Guild Vaults. A sad anecdote with discussion to follow

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#41 Apate


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Posted 24 March 2007 - 05:47 PM

I think that a lot of this can be applied to 'independently wealthy' players also. I know 2-3 people who really enjoy or excel at the money-making aspect of WoW. One of them has been hacked (he got his account restored, but it was incomplete) and another got 2 of his main accounts banned (long story, it was an unjust ban but he didn't get his accounts back). The latter had a few other people holding onto various high-value items and some gold. When he opened a new account, he had a nice cache waiting for him.
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Posted 24 March 2007 - 09:40 PM

Ofc a raid-/guildbank is fine for collecting mats for crafted stuff and boe's left from your raids because noone needed them.
But, we also got one and collected every damn shit in the game, high stacks of everything you can think of. Well, did that really helps us? Don't think so.

It was nice to equip our alts with boe t1 and some blues/purples from ragna/ony/nef, but that's it. The smaller your raid is and the more active your raidmembers are the less you may need to aquire gold for eg consumeables. Got a raidpool of 35 people for 2-3 kara runs and 1 big raid? That's just fine, share the money so that they can buy whatever they want, but under the condition, that they bring the needed stuff for the raid by themselves. If they can't afford it, ask why.
a) There are a lot of people can't work with money in real life or gold in wow and manage to save it for real needed things (lucky for us, there are no gambling or other addicted making things ingame then raiding :)). For those, it's quite nice to see, ah ok next day there is a raid and we need 10 spp for loatheb, just send a mail and get them in time. Getting 90k money at your bank saved for what? If you need the consumeables, farm/buy them by yourself if you want to beat the encounter.
B) The larger your raidpool is, the even more it's a problem to share it on a fair way. Boy with 100% attendance getting 1000g, someone with less getting proportionally parts? Quite hard to handle, and just think of vanilla where a lot of your raiders didn't need to farm for that much encounters - only for some dps races maybe. Our maintank was prepared, brought some dirge's, rum, ssp for every damn boss - but only ~ 50% of our healers spend time fishing nightfin, cook tender wolf's and brought enough greater mana potions to heal as long as a fight may persist. The DPS lacked even healthpots because dps wasn't an issue any time, joining with pvp specc didn't annoy anyone.. so :/
c) Your guildbank may be managed by one till xyz people - one till xyz source's of errors, corruption, suppression and so on. The op got a really bad case of human mind disturbing, but who save's you others from getting those problems any time in near future? What prevents your bankmanager account of getting hacked while checking ingame mail from an inet cafe by a trojan as our's did obviously several month ago?

There are some real risky parts on using a guildbank, but ofc it's has some comfortable advantages (since without, noone would like to use it, meh). We decided to save stuff like sand for chroma, elementium ore for tf, scrap's from naxx since there is only a use for it under particular circumstances - every other thing may be rolled out during a raid. We demand our members to bring the necessary articles to the raid and who's not in the raid won't benefit from the bank during share by proportional attendance. So if you are lucky, having 50% attandance an win 80% of your roles you may win more "green daggers of the guru" then a 80% attendance with 20% win ratio - but who does really care? Addicted raiders will put in the time necessary to collect their consumeables, sharing some with friends or buying it from the ah while spending time playing arena battles. Not that much addicted raiders wouldn't get a higher output of the minimum of effort they maybe put in while raiding with us.

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