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[Horde][Turalyon]<Fusion> US15th 12/12ICC HM & RS25 HM - Full Cata Recruitment Open

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Posted 19 September 2010 - 06:17 AM

Open Positions

2 Holy Paladins - BIG NEED
Hunters - BIG NEED

Fusion has opened recruitment for Cataclysm, if you think that you have what it takes to be in Fusion, please do not hesitate to submit an application. Fusion is constantly on the lookout for world class players, and will always consider exceptional applicants, regardless of class. Currently, we are looking for amazing players of all classes and specs.

Many guilds say they don't recruit for the bench. But we actually mean it:

- We run a strictly limited roster of no more than 32-35 people
- We never over-recruit a class so that 2 members will be sitting regularly
- Everyone sees 80-90% raid time regardless of time with the guild
- Our members have flexible specs, making it easy for our roster to shift composition based on attendance and fight mechanics

Fusion is a top end raiding guild that emphasizes efficiency in raiding and minimizing downtime. We've maintained high rank kills since the beginning of TBC and have steadily worked our way up the ladder to be one of the top guilds in the world. We have done this while raiding 20 hours a week, significantly less than most guilds at our level of progression.

Currently we rank #22 US, have completed 12/12 hardmodes in ICC25, including heroic Lich King.

In Ulduar we snagged multiple top-25 world hard-mode kills, and finished at #10 World / #3 US.

We got US top 5 kills of all 25-man Keeper hard modes, including Algalon and Yogg0 while maintaining a consistent 5-day, 22 hour raiding schedule.

Not only do we kill bosses quickly, but we pride ourselves in completing achievements and setting our own challenges. Some of our notable achievements are World 5th Immortal and World 10th Heroic: Glory of the Raider. Our most well known self-challenges are our speed runs which include SSC, BT, and Naxxramas.

Beyond killing things in WoW, we also pride ourselves on our accomplishments in the WoW community. Videos produced by our members collectively surpassed 1 million total views on WarcraftMovies and are currently ranked #30 for all time views. The well known site Main Page - StratFu was created and is maintained by members of Fusion. We are also known for our live streams, especially our PTR live streams which include our Ventrilo so viewers can get a sense of how we strategize and approach fights.

We raid 5 nights a week with Fridays and Saturdays as off nights during progression, with occasional 10 man/alt runs. Raid invites are at 7:15 PM EST, raids begin at 7:30 PM, and end no later than midnight, sometimes earlier. During farm
content, we will usually bring our schedule down to 3-4 nights a week, depending on what is still alive.

The Vision
Fusion is one of the top guilds in the world and we recruit players rather than specific specs or classes. Hybrids are expected to comfortably play two of their specs and be willing to switch if a boss demands it. In addition, we are a guild that offers a rich history of out of game contributions such as theorycraft and video as well as strong progression: we look favorably on applicants who can bring additional theorycrafting, writing, or analysis skills.

We stand firm by our traditional mentality that it is better to raid with 21 people than to accept 4 people who don't live up to our standards be it personality or skill level. Fusion has always been able to define itself as an exception to the rule in terms of upper echelon guilds. We feel that constantly striving to maintain our high standards is what allows us to remain an exception:

1. To be a tight group of people who enjoy being around each other. Guild chat and vent remain open, fun and entertaining. We feel our cohesion is the single most important attribute to our success.

2. To constantly challenge ourselves to be skilled players in the game. We consistently attempt increasingly more challenging content and rely on our tactics rather then the ever popular brute force. Because of this, we expect a lot out of the members in our guild. Our members must be at the highest point of their game in order to accomplish the difficult encounters we go up against.

3. Sacrifice for one another. We expect our members to put the guild before themselves in most cases and to uphold the good name of Fusion in public arenas. We have all worked very hard over the years to establish a reputation of excellence and will continue to do so through our teamwork and friendship.

What We Offer
We're looking for the best and brightest minds in the WoW community; we understand we have to offer something in return. Here's what you get as a member of Fusion:

* You will be amongst peers. Most exceptional individuals lead a lonely existance due to outperforming all those around them. In Fusion you will be a peer amongst some of the smartest people playing WoW. We have theorycrafters, strategists, analysts, media creators, and writers.

* Access to the content. In this day and age of day zero strategies and live streams it is extremely difficult to get exposure to the fresh content that challenges and inspires you. We're right there on day zero fighting the content, figuring out how to beat it, making videos of it, and writing about it.

* Access to an audience. Fusion already has a large audience of fans and others who read and watch the content we produce. If you're a writer or a media creator, there's no better way to get your seen than to create it under the banner of Fusion. We have people who are interested in critiquing you and assisting you with the work you create. We have people who know the WoW community inside and out who can advise you.

* A guild of all-stars. Not everyone in Fusion is in the categories above, but every person on our raid roster is an exceptional player. You won't have to deal with the frustration of being held back by bad players. This allows you to focus on the things you care about most in the game.

Standard Criteria
This is the standard criteria we apply to all applicants. This is just the baseline. To get in you have to meet all these qualities at the very least. We're looking for extremely competent, dedicated players who will give their all.

* Initiative: You've read strategies, obtained consumables, and are ready to go every night for raids. You communicate with the other raid members to coordinate fight specific strategies. You must have the desire to constantly improve your play. You must be able to take constructive criticism so that you can improve your play. We want people who are good, but who are always striving to be better.

* Dedication: You're here pretty much every night. If you have some weird life circumstances that may be interrupting your play time or will in the future then we really aren't looking for you. We run with a small roster and we need people who can keep 90% attendance. IF YOU CAN'T KEEP 90% ATTENDANCE DON'T APPLY. We don't recruit for the bench, all spots are full-time raider spots.

* Reliability: This fits hand and hand with dedication. We need to be able to rely on you to be there on the tough nights when we're trying to beat new content. We need to know you're not going to flake out and disappear for a week, or that you're going to leave an hour early from raids on a regular basis. We expect 90%+ raid attendance.

* Skill: You need to able to adapt to changing situations and go above and beyond the basic assignment asked of you. You need to be able to think for yourself so that you can do your assigned job as well as help others. Twitch and fast reaction times are needed for you to do the job that will be required of you.

* Experience: We're looking for people who've been there for the wipes and learned the boss fights. We are mostly only interested in people who are only slightly behind on the latest content. We give more weight to applicants who have been raiding for 2+ years although we will consider those with less. We are looking for people who have LEARNED boss fights with their guilds and not been carried through on farm status.

* Gear: You need to show that you put time, effort, and thought into your gear. You gear is a reflection of your knowledge of how your class works and your dedication to improving your character. We usually are looking for people geared in as close to the highest level as possible, but we will consider phenomenal apps from people that are somewhat undergeared.

* Personality: Fusion has a strong guild personality and you will need to fit in with us. This means that you can take a joke, have a good sense of humor, and can take constructive criticism from the officers. While we don't have an aggressive, abusive atmosphere, we do consider feedback critical to success. You need to be able to take criticism when you make a mistake and you need to be able to let the criticism roll off without it stressing you out. Our raids are high energy environments.

Additional Criteria

While everyone needs to meet the standard criteria, Fusion's position in the community means we also value characteristics like:

* Theorycrafters: Most players in top end guilds keep up to date on the latest theorycraft. We're looking for the people who write the theorycraft. Are you the kind of person who's digging through logs, patch notes, and data-mined information? Have you written extensively about your topic of interest? Do you have spreadsheets?

* Strategists: Most guilds at the top end have one or two of these. People who are capable of understanding all the mechanics of a boss fight and coming up with strategies to tackle it. Fusion has at least half a dozen and we want more. This requires a high level understanding of the game and how all the classes work, an understanding of how Blizzard builds boss fights and the construction of most boss fights in the history of WoW, and problem solving skills. Ability to clearly communicate is also important.

* Analysts: A large part of Fusion is continued improvement on everyone's part and to do these we need to analyze what people are doing wrong. We need people who can look at parses and compare any given class to leaders in that class and figure out where improvements can be made. Extensive knowledge of class mechanics is required for this as well as the ability to dig down into parses as your main source of data to figure out what people are doing in a fight.

* Media Creators: To us, being a top guild isn't just about showing up to raid. Fusion isn't just a guild; it's a force. We have a long history of producing video and we're looking for more to add to the fold. We're looking for people who have a history of producing media, whether it be audio, video, or graphics.

* Writers: Do you enjoy writing about WoW? Whether your topic is a class, raiding, pvp, or whatever, we're looking to add more writers to our roster. We currently have a number of prolific writers on our roster and we highly value the contribution of people who are able to inspire through their written word.

If you think you have what it takes to be in Fusion, fill out an application at:

Fusion - Application

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