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Posted 26 September 2010 - 02:06 AM

Post: Restoration Cataclysm Discussion
User: OleFrosty
Infraction: 4. Whining in any form is forbidden.
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You really aren't doing anything but whining in this post. Please make sure that there is actually a point to what you are saying other than tears.

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I really hope that change doesn't go live as is.

This thread has already talked about how priests basically have everything we have, plus some. I thought Efflorescence would even things up on a stacked raid.

The change is a nerf in many ways. Obviously you can no longer spam Regrowth to stack it up. You'll only be able to get 1 Efflorescence per 15 seconds. I would hope they mean 10% of Swiftmend per talent point, for a total of 30%.

But the biggest problem with it, might not be obvious. Swiftmend is the best anti spike Tank healing spell in the game. Also if the entire raid needs to move it serves a critical role filling in for the casted heals on the tank.

So I don't understand why we would tie a raid heal, to a tank heal. Most bosses have a big enough hitbox that the raid would never get to benefit from it. So we need to choose between using our emergency spike heal on the tank, or to heal the raid.

I know why they did it, Efflorescence as it was, is very prone to abuse, any boss fight that didn't force the raid to spread out, a Druid could probably literally solo heal the raid if they were all stacked. A more elegant solution in my opinion would be to make it like I guess they are doing with Holy Nova, it heals up to a certain amount on say 5 or less people, and then that amount of healing is simply split among however many targets are standing in it.

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