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[WOTLK 4.0] Balance Discussion

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#261 Cdin


    Von Kaiser

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Posted 23 November 2010 - 03:39 PM

I did level a toon to 85 and saw every zone but Twighlight Highlands.

Rotation Used: I generally used Nukes, but I did try the "run in circles MF spam" A few times.

Mana: My spec ignored Moonglow and Dreamstate, and I never had a big issue with Mana. I was popping Innervates at 70% mana out of habit. I don't remember drinking at all, but it probably happened a couple of times.

In the first two zones players are still strong and the mobs are some what week. Pulling multiple mobs wasn't a big deal. I could easily fight my way out. After Deepholm that was no longer the case. There were times I was in trouble with just two mobs on me depending on the mob. This made the DoT strategies a lot less reliable. In my experiance using Nukes didn't slow me down much.
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#262 Hamlet


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Posted 01 December 2010 - 02:18 AM

Random update: there's a bug whereby Moonkin Form won't drop correctly if you try to mount (i.e. you have to drop it manually and then mount). You can just make a /cancelform macro to deal with this. While I'm here though, I'll just share my current mount macro:
/cancelform [noform:6]
/run local a = GetCurrentMapContinent(); if (a
1 or a
2) then CallCompanion("MOUNT",45); end /use [swimming] Aquatic Form; [combat] Travel Form; [flyable] Swift Flight Form; Invincible

You can drop the /run line once Cataclysm hits and you can use SFF in the Old World.

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