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Posted 12 October 2010 - 12:34 PM

Post: The 4.0.1 Rogue FAQ
User: Dek
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Just wanna say I've been a big time follower of EJ for years and have followed Aldri for a long time now as an uber apprentice rogue. Quick question though, I notice you say gem for socket bonus but when I do the math won't straight gemming straight agi come out ahead for assassination?

Based on the EP values on the front page, no. Let's look at a few combinations for example (these are assuming white hit EP since you should hit your spell hit reforging):

Blue socket + 4 agility socket bonus (Sindy neck):
With socket bonus = 10 agility + 10 hit + 4 agility = 28 + 17 + 11.2 = 56.2
Without socket bonus = 20 agility = 56

This is a close one, but the weakest color with the weakest bonus, and for assassination it's still better to gem for the socket bonus (assuming the EP values given).

I made a post a few pages back with all the combinations where it was best to socket for the bonus, but even when it isn't (the same situation for a combat rogue, for example), it's a really close call and what I would call within the margin of error for the EP values.

It's probably a safe bet to gem for the socket bonuses.

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