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Infraction for DtM2000: Multiple violations.

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Posted 18 October 2010 - 01:45 PM

Post: Arcane in Cataclysm: Updated for 4.01
User: DtM2000
Infraction: Multiple violations.
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Original Post:

Hi everyone, great fan of elitist jerks, and I have a few questions concerning arcane mages in 4.0 now:

1) Should we (aside one gem to get the meta active, and spell hit cap) gem full +20 INT or is it still viable to get the socket bonus? As of now I have socket bonus for any piece giving me >= 7 SP. (blue gems : +10 INT +10Hit, yellow +10 INT + 10 haste, red +20INT

2) Now comes the big question: What should we reforge haste, crit, or mastery? Is haste more or less important then crit at this point? I turn around 36% crit unbuffed, and 855 haste (excluding the abyssal rune)

3) I have found that with Mage Armor, I cannot hit the 40% mana during burst as I regen too quickly, has anyone tested if it's worth switching to molten armor for burst and then back to Mage Armor during standard rotation?

4) Is the AB x 4 then MM/AB still viable as a standard rotation?

I think this is a summary of the questions alot of mages are asking themselves, and well, hopefully someone will have the answer. ^^

These are the exact questions I have atm. I have been researching but not been able to find concrete answers. Maybe it is too early and the experts are still trying to work things out :)

I wish I had the brain and skill that some mathematicians have on here. Good work all.

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