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Infraction for Nellas: Multiple Violations

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Posted 18 October 2010 - 05:37 PM

Post: Frost DPS | Cataclysm, Countdown
User: Nellas
Infraction: Multiple Violations
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Original Post:

Hi all,

First of all, excuse me for my english. :S
For my first post here (i read this forum since 2years), i'd like to thank all member of DK community (specially frost spec) for your active participate so as to understand our new gameplay and changes.

I've also a question regarding Consider analysis and its haste breakpoint.
I'dont know if its because i didnt understood all the post, but can you confirm that Haste cap have to be between 16% and 17%?
In a another way, decrease the haste score (under 16% then) is meaning decrease the dps? Or is it more interessting to reforge all in mastery regardless of haste softcap?

I've also a lot of difficulty to keep in mind a kind of "dps cycle".
Can you please remind what is important to do (or not to do) to keep a constant dps and rune cycle (such as never use twice the same cast?) because my dps if very unstable with the new classic template.
Last night on ICC25H
Saurfang: 17k
Rotface: 19k

I've also made some test with another spec inspired from Seraphthrone post, by spamming HB and nerver use OB. I'd a very close dps to the main spec with OB :
Lord Morrowgar: 17k
Festergut: 17k

Template: The World of Warcraft Armory
Glyphes: Prime = HB, D&D, FS.

Many thanks for your help and feedback.

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