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[Alliance][Spirestone]<Adapt> 11/12 HM & HHalion - 8pm PST, 2 nights/wk - DPS & heals

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Posted 29 October 2010 - 08:24 PM

Server: Spirestone (PvP, PST)
Battlegroup: Reckoning (BG-6)
Raids: Tuesday+Thursday, 7:45pm - 12:00am PST
Loot: DKP (SLS variant w. DKP cap)
Progression: 11/12 ICC25HM, 11/12 ICC10HM (+drakes), RS25HM, RS10HM

- Shadow Priest (high)
- Hunter (high)
- Fury Warrior (high)
- Enhance Shaman (high)

- Holy Paladin (high)
- Resto Druid (medium)
- Holy or Disc Priest (medium)

Exceptional players of any class should consider applying.

Adapt of Spirestone

About us
<Adapt> is an Alliance PvE raiding guild on US-Spirestone, with the goal of competitive PvE progression on a light 2 nights/week raiding schedule. We've been around for a while - our team consists of experienced folk who have been playing together as far back as Classic & TBC, great players we've picked up along the way during WoTLK, and several players from top-ranked guilds who turned out to prefer our mix of intense focus with a lighter schedule commitment. We're currently 11/12 ICC25 HM, recently killed RS25 HM (an Alliance first on Spirestone), and unlike many other guilds we are still raiding and still pushing progression - basically, we never give up. We're looking to round out our roster with a few excellent players to join our push through the final hard mode of Wrath and be a part of our 25man raiding core in Cataclysm.

Our recruiting philosophy can be summed up as "recruit the player, not the toon". Yes, you need a toon that is geared to the level of the content (mosty 264+ & 4xT10) so you can immediately contribute, but overall we are fans of people that can play multiple specs, or have experience on multiple classes/multiple roles - diversity of experience yields better players. PvP heroes are welcome for the situational awareness & class knowledge that comes with success in arena, but PvE progress better be at the top of your agenda.

The ideal applicants understand & play their class to the fullest of its ability, and in the case of hybrids, for multiple talent trees; have maxed raiding professions & exalted reputations where it matters; are able to take constructive criticism well; maintain a near 100% attendance rate through the trial and beyond; and have a burning desire to complete raid-centric achievements and hard modes.

In return we offer decent progression with a good mix of casual & serious - raids are serious on progression bosses, but strive to be a bit more casual when possible. The guild has an active social member base, and our raiding core are not raid-loggers so if you like to play a lot you'll generally find people online to do stuff with. A lot of our raiding core have multiple main-level alts; If this is not you, thats fine - just be awesome at your main. If this is you, great - we understand your needs & make a effort to arrange extra groups throughout the week to give you options for serious alts.

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Posted 30 October 2010 - 10:17 PM

too bad my girlfriend cares so much about the aesthetic characteristics of her warlock and refuses to be anything other than BE. this woulda been a nice change. best of luck though guys!

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