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[Alliance][Whisperwind]<Something Wicked> 12/12 HM LF Hunter/Ret

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Posted 11 November 2010 - 03:47 PM

<Something Wicked> - Whisperwind - #133 US, #384 World - is looking for a few skilled players. Successful applicants will be specced properly at the time of application and have their gear gemmed/enchanted as if they were raid ready.

We do consider how well you are geared, but that is a secondary issue to your ability to demonstrate you understand the mechanics of your class. Applicants should be prepared to provide a recent parse (WoL or the like), as well as justify their choices in gear, spec and play style. We don't just want you to be playing right, we want you to know why!

About Us:
*We raided for four years consecutively on Malfurion, transitioning through each expansion with increasing levels of success.
*We raid only 12 hours per week (4 hours/3 days), but we don't think our reduced raid time is an excuse for poor performance.
*We have a "semi-casual" schedule, but we take our raid time seriously.

About You:
*You play the game for progression, but don't have either the time, or the desire to raid on a full time schedule.
*You expect raids to start on time and you log on early to make sure that happens.
*You have no complaints about using consumables, and you expect others to use as many as you do.
*You understand if you don't log in, other people do, and they have an expectation that you will as well.
*You are proficient with your computer; you can navigate and use both a standard guild site, and you have a way of keeping your mods up to date.
*You think disconnecting/crashing regularly and high latency/low framerates are unacceptable and will fix it without prodding.

Raid Schedule:
Wednesday - Thursday - Sunday
7:00pm to 11:00pm CST
Optional off nights are done for 10 mans / alt runs.

Halion: 1/1 [HM] | (10) 1/1 [HM] - Server First!
ICC (25): 12/12 [HM] | (10) 12/12 [HM] - Malfurion Alliance First!
ToC Heroic: 5/5 - Tribute to Insanity
Ulduar: 14/14 - 9/9 HM
Vault 10/25: Cleared - Earth, Wind and Fire (10)(25)

Class Needs:*

Deathknights: Closed
Druids: Closed
Hunters: 1
Mages: Closed
Paladins: 1 - Ret Only
Priests: Closed
Rogues: Closed
Shaman: Closed
Warlocks: Closed
Warriors: Closed

* - With Cata coming, class changes are inevitable. If you think you'd be a valuable asset, submit an app and make your case.


Loot Rules:
We use a custom system based on your ratio of loot received to your hours raided with the guild. This has the advantage of quickly allowing newer members to become competitive while rewarding high attendance. 85%+ attendance is expected of members. Failure to maintain long term high attendance will see a reduction in loot privileges and potentially replacement.

Something Wicked

If you are interested please go to our site Something Wicked and fill out our application. If you have any questions, contact Moshne, Zey, Clothos, Dellex or Ambrossia in-game, or moshne@somethingwickedguild.com by e-mail, or Nazsari on AIM.

- 13/13 HM -25m - W/Th/Sun 8-12 CST LF Mistweaver

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