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Infraction for metric1983: Multiple Violations

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Posted 19 November 2010 - 04:35 AM

Post: Healing Priest FAQ v4.0.1: Surviving until December, 7th
User: metric1983
Infraction: Multiple Violations
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Original Post:

as this thread has the label surviving and I`m currentlly dying I`ve come here for some help as there may be intelligent folk around who could assist me in a small problem, Currently healing LK Heroic as a Holy Priest with a disc priest (the other team is disc and druid) I`ve streamlined my healing and worked on it to conserve Mana and have finally got to the stage where going into stage 3 I have around 25k mana, This will allow me some flexibility in healing the throne room, I`m currently using chakra renews, CoH, PoM and oly Nova in a sometimes frantic way as Im not used to avoiding AOE and moving whilst healing. The tactic we use is to group up and move as a group in a circle around avoiding the bombs, can anyone suggest a more efficient way to heal this room? as by this point my shadowfiend, both of our prayers (both types) and my Bloodelf racial and my trinket are used up. so yes :) any thoughts?

I have 36k mana raid buffed, 1101 haste, 3/3 darkness.

metrik on EU khagdar is my char if looking at that could assist you.

Was considering regemming a touch for more int as we generally have the 5% buff, yet I`d want to keep 6 ticks on my renews.

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