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Paladin Simple Questions: Cataclysmic Mode

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Posted 11 June 2012 - 12:43 PM

I was under the impression that we should be using SoR for multi-target fights. Does anyone know the exact number of mobs where SoR becomes better than SoT? I've assumed it was 3, but I'm not actually sure.

If you had no reason to use GCD, then the answer is 4 targets. At least 4, otherwise Divine Storm isn't granting HP and you'd be better sticking with the single target setup. Using SoR and CS at 3 targets is a worst of both worlds scenario.

Since you do have to use GCD it becomes more nebulous. You are going to exchange 2 GCD (SoT->SoR and back when finished) in order to swap. Someone could crunch the numbers on precise timing, but if the targets die in less than about 20 seconds, you're probably not gaining much, if any, DPS. In the 20-25 second range you are simply redistributing your DPS from a single target to all your targets equally (losing 2 direct damage GCD for the extra seal procs). 30 seconds or more with 4 targets (boss and 3+ adds) would be about long enough to see a total DPS increase.

Additional targets beyond 4 may shave off a half-second to a second, each. Remember that if you drop to 3 total targets, you're suddenly under threshold, so you need at least 4 adds alive into the 20-30 second range in order to gain the benefit.

I understand SoR could be useful during Heroic Madness (I have not experienced the fight), but I'm hard pressed to think of another situation in Dragon Soul where SoR would be advantageous. Yor's adds die within the loss/break-even timeframe and AOE is either unnecessary (normal) or undesirable (as I understand Heroic) on Spine.
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Posted 17 June 2012 - 01:35 PM

Is there a point at which heroic hand of morchok outshines regular souldrinker for general tanking.. ie most of the instance on farm etcetc?

I would also like to know the views on this due to a loot dispute in a raid recently.

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Posted 18 June 2012 - 12:58 AM

I would also like to know the views on this due to a loot dispute in a raid recently.

I'm not sure you're going to get a consensus on that. I don't care for Heroic HoM very much. It's extra mastery that you can convert to stamina through gemming, which is nice, but the amount of stamina you gain is not very large. If I remember the numbers correctly, one Souldrinker proc during a near-death scenario heals for more hit points than you gain through the passive stamina from HHoM. Of course, there's something to be said for the always-on value of stamina, but Souldrinker's got a pretty high proc rate.

So I would (and did) use normal Souldrinker over HHoM, because I think it's the stronger option for both DPS and survivability. If circumstances were different, my opinion might change. For example, if I was in a situation where I was struggling to maintain block cap on content where block cap was very strong. Or if I was facing a strong blockable EH test, and wanted every bit of Stamina I could get to survive a single large attack (i.e. a blockable version of Impale). But in my experience, those situations didn't arise in heroic Dragon Soul.

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