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Priest Simple Questions/Simple Answers: Cataclysm

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#361 Melaeas


    Glass Joe

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Posted 12 July 2012 - 04:29 AM

OK, so I just have to put it out there again.... Holy vs Disc.... Which one are people thinking is the best atm? I've been running as holy on my priest and getting out healed in DS and Firelands consistently by disc priests. Now granted they are runnin with ilvl 390+ gear and I'm still at 385, but they still shouldn't be out healin my by 2-10k hps. I average 10-15k hps but I keep seein them put out 14-22k hps on a regular basis. Any thoughts? My priest is Nymaeis -- Frostwolf Nymaeis @ Frostwolf - Game Guide - World of Warcraft

#362 Hamsda


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Posted 12 July 2012 - 08:15 AM

As always that discussion will lead to no real conclusion since there is none.
What you play should depend on the needs of your raid, your other healing mates and what you like the most. If you feel comfortable with the specc you play then try to get better with it. Maybe you could optimize your gear by reforging or regemming, maybe you could get less regen and more throughput stats and see if you still feel comfortable and get through the fights.

The only thing I will say is this: I personally, maybe more so because of the fact that I raid in a 10 man environment where every dmg reduction raid cd is quite valueable, like disc a lot more. With my gear (near BiS, 409) I can reforge out of every bit of spirit and due to rapture still be fine on the mana front.
Also what is one of the biggest differences between disc and holy: smiting is worth it as a disc^^ On many fights 2 healers would be enough but certain situations "require", or let's say are easier with, 3 healers. I was smiting so much in the current tier and the smart heal through atonement will always help picking up the lowest target and then grant you with archangel for the crucial part where you are needed.

The only occasion where I was holy for dragon soul progression was during ultraxion, because we needed guardian spirit as an additional cooldown for soaking, but otherwise I just prefer pw barrier and a weaker once per fight hymn over the 3 minute hymn holy has to offer.

But as I already said, thats just my opinion and people should stick with what they like the most!
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Posted 04 September 2012 - 06:44 PM

Should you delay a SW:P or VT re-application if something like Mind Blast (or a FDCL Mind Spike) is available even if it means SW:P or VT will fall off before you can finish the MB/MSp and then re-apply the DoT?

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Posted 05 September 2012 - 07:59 PM

Should you delay a SW:P or VT re-application if something like Mind Blast (or a FDCL Mind Spike) is available even if it means SW:P or VT will fall off before you can finish the MB/MSp and then re-apply the DoT?

According to Omanko in the [Priests 5.0.4] thread:

DPx3 > MB > SW: D (sub 20%) > SF/MBen > FDCL > SW:P > VT > MF

So, yes, you should delay re-application sometimes. There is more discussion in that thread for exceptions to this general priority.

#365 Omanko


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Posted 07 September 2012 - 01:40 PM

Thanks for quoting me, but take such lists with a grain of salt, and copious amounts of brain.

MB shouldn't be delayed, that much is true, to maximize the number of Orbs.

An FDCL proc however is a bit of a different matter. The proc has a decent time window as well as a stacking mechanic. That means there is no immediate need to spend a MSp most of the time, so you can just refresh your dots first, then fire off the Spike. That, however, is contingent on various other factors as well, such as imminent damage buffs, fight-specific mechanics, or your other cooldowns. You also do not want to risk getting a stack of FDCL when you're already at 2, thus wasting it. And then there's also the MSp glyph to consider, which you may want to align so that it's up for when MB comes off CD, and many other scenarios that one can come up with and which will also change your priorities.

Juggling our spells properly is a major part of skillful play. With a little experience you'll soon get a feel for what to do when, but there's also cases where such ad hoc decisions can be difficult to make 100% correctly. So, rather than follow some list I or anyone else posts, understand the logic behind it, try to incorporate that into your play, and make your decisions based on that, not a static list.

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Posted 02 October 2012 - 09:26 PM

Starting a new one for Mists.

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