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[Balance] Theorycraft / Spreadsheet Thread (WrathCalcs)

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Posted 30 June 2010 - 11:36 PM

Now that the NDA is up, this thread is for collaborating on Moonkin theorycraft. The goal is to have all the important facts sorted out here so proper mathematical work can be done. I, of course, want to have WrathCalcs be in the best shape it can be in time for release (I expect to be even better than the WLK version at Cataclysm release, in fact). I also of course want this forum to have its usual standing as the primary original source for most class theorycraft work that spreads through the community :P . Don't talk about Moonkin play issues here except as necessary for the discussion; keep them on the general Cataclysm Balance thread.


First off, things I know happened to mysteriously learn in the first 5 minutes of Beta, to get things rolling.

--Eclipse still works as described in the leaked tooltip. 15s buff proccing at either end of the bar. Damage is not otherwise affected by position on the bar.
--Total length of the Eclipse bar is 200. Starfire generates 20 Energy untalented; Wrath 13. Improved Eclipse (aka Planetary Alignment) not yet implemented.
--Wrath as a 2.5 second base cast time.
--The first 17 points in Balance give the spell damage Mastery up to a total of around 8% (see spreadsheet for details). The next 17 points give the haste Mastery (around 8%). The next 17 give the Eclipse Mastery (around 20%), which can also be further boosted by the Mastery stat.
--1 Int gives 1 spellpower.
--Spreadsheet as level 80 base damage ranges and mana costs for all spells (level 85 never opened in Alpha). Some spells, like Starfire, don't have a range and hit for a constant amount. Not totally certain on all of these.
--Various raid buff redesigns. See sheet. We currently give 5% crit, 6% spell haste, and 8% spell damage. 3% spell hit and 3% all haste no longer exist.

Spreadsheet as far as I've gotten it is attached.


--Level 85 base damage for all spells (remember, ranks are gone and damage increases with level). Collecting data for untalented base damage at all levels to determine the curve would be nice.
--Level 85 base mana and stats.
--Spell coefficients.
--Level 85 rating conversions.
--Level 85 Spirit regen coefficient.
--Effect of Mastery stat.
--Effects of all Glyphs.
--Details of Wild Mushroom.


Major issues for discussion:
--Known problems with Eclipse. Personally, I would be happiest with an total redesign of the system. With knowing whether that's realistic though, we have to keep working on this one.
--Time to proc Eclipse is far too short. It will easily dip under 15s with any significant stat increases (note that crit and haste will both affect it).


Finally, I might be interested in some collaboration on the sheet itself. Most importantly, in making it more user-friendly. I've talked in the past about designing of those fancy frontends like lots of other classes have (item dropdowns, Armory import, saving, etc.), but nothing ever came of it.

Basically, I'm quite happy being solely responsible for the guts of the sheet, but if anyone wants to try to make a better "interface," let me know.


Discuss away. Post any useful data from Beta, any calculations you do, anything you see in the sheet, etc. Also any mathematical discussion of the optimal rotation or significant problems that might be worth public discussion.

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