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[Cataclysm PvP] Death Knight issue!

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Posted 13 December 2010 - 02:40 PM

Well, as far as i can see, there is no Cataclysm PvP posts yet, so i'm starting one for DKs.

I've been playing kinda a lot of PvP since i got lvl 85, i've been trying some spects and now i want to know your opinion about doing pvp as frost and unholy.

-Is the ghoul a "must" for arenas?
-Also Hungering Cold is so usefull, is it worth it?

-The new spells, necrotic strike and Simulacrum, when to use it and and which spells will and won't absorb?

This are some of the ideas i came with, but if you got some other issues just bring them up, and lets discuss them.

From my part, i've been doing too much pvp this days, although people are not equiped yet, and they got null resilence, but its a start.

Frost is way too good, at least for me, it got a incredible burst when proc come up, hitting really hard, and turning opponents to ashes in few secs.
Problems with that build is that you dont have any stun, just the hungering cold every min, that is kinda low. Although i've been confronting too many holy pala, and at the moment is the only healer it can resist the burst.

Im using that build atm: 3/36/2

Let's see what you think. And just for future trolls/unnameds im not an inexperienced guy on wow whick want to joke around.

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