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[Cataclysm] - Survival Hunter

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Posted 30 April 2012 - 09:19 PM

I'll be more specific with what I meant before. Some of the things in this post is wrong or out dated, in my opinion. One example of out of date is someone was theory crafting still with Arcane Shots between Explosive Shots. They now work as magical dots and won't be clipped if you re-apply after the 2nd to last tick. An example of "Wrong" is the idea of Lich King enchants being better than Cata ones because of the agility. 22 agility is 44 AP and I believe .07% crit. More AP with different specs, but with survival, it's 24 agility for 48 AP, plus 10% AP = 53 AP? Roughly.

According to femaledwarf.com with my current mix of T14 and T14 heroic gear the 65 mastery enchant adds 12 dps over the Cata one. The 65 crit to cloak enchant adds a whopping 16.1 dps over the Cataclysm enchant. I consider both of those to be small enough to be statistically insignificant.

Edit: One thing you may be forgetting is that Survival (and BM) have talents that increase the agility enchants in addition to the raid buffs which increase them.

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With damage over time abilities now refreshing without wasting a dot, "interleaving" a cobra shot between procs is less viable. Instead we can more quickly use our explosive shots without wasting charges. Simply spamming Explosive Shot will result in 8 ticks, with 1 lost. Before 4.2 this would have been 7 ticks. If you wait a small fraction of a second after the 1 second GCD, it should be sufficient to get all 9 ticks quickly. This would be 9 explosive shot ticks in about 3.3 seconds assuming you wait 0.1 between each. This is almost always the best usage on single target, although there may be times when filling in an instant cast ability such as kill shot is worthwhile.

I'm not sure what you find wrong here. If you spam 3 straight explosive shots, the second will not clip the first but the third will cause clipping. If you read the last several pages you'll find a discussion on the subject.
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Posted 04 May 2012 - 12:35 PM

I'll be more specific with what I meant before. Some of the things in this post is wrong or out dated, in my opinion. One example of out of date is someone was theory crafting still with Arcane Shots between Explosive Shots. They now work as magical dots and won't be clipped if you re-apply after the 2nd to last tick.

Do you have any data showing how you're correct and everyone here on the last few pages is wrong? If you want to come and say everyone that has been discussing this with data is wrong 24 weeks into the tier that's fine, but please bring a lot of data to back yourself up if that's the case.

This isn't to say crit is better than agility, but we deprive ourselves of crit options with gems. Yellow slot +10 agility bonus? Break it for more agility. So having a crit enchant on cloak balances that out. As far as the 20 Agility to glove vs. 50 haste. That's a different story. Haste stacks mutliplicatively. (apparently not a word) The 50 rating stretches farther. Another point is a secret I'd rather not share.

What are you "balancing out"? Crit is linear. Haste rating also isn't multiplicative but additive. Haste percentages (Berskering, Rapid Fire, Bloodlust, total haste rating pool all added together) are multiplicative. I'm two pieces off of full best in slot and 65 mastery is a 9.62 dps loss on FD over 20 agility and 50 haste is a 40 dps loss while the cloak is a 20 dps difference (65 crit vs. 22 agi). They are so close it's rather insignificant.

I don't recall what the 65 crit added as far as crit percentage, but it obviously applies more crit than the 22 agility does, even though crit doesn't scale multiplicative...ly. Reasoning behind the choice, I believe, is "per point, agility is worth more than crit. So go with an agility enchantment." But even a simulator says the difference is -34 DPS. Real world conditions would favor crit.

Do you have reasoning why real world conditions would favor crit? The agility bonus is less subjective to bad RNG because you have a static gain from AP unlike crit. Is it merely your personal reasoning that real world conditions favor crit or do you have anything at all to back it up?

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Posted 19 May 2012 - 12:28 AM

I'm sorry if this question has probably been asked a million times, but here i go

on heroic madness of deathwing, i keep hearing about spellweaving. the way i've heard about it is that I should tab over to the blood ( when next to the tentacles/claw/wing/whatever) and sting it, and just refresh sting with a cobra shot on it every now and then, and that the sting will proc spellweaves to attack the tentacle for max dps.

am i doing this right?

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Posted 17 June 2012 - 06:08 PM

Just a quick one for the enchants section:

Shoulders: [Greater Inscription of Shattered Crystal] (Therazane Revered) or Swiftsteel Inscription (Scribes only)

This should be (Therazane Exalted)

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Posted 27 July 2012 - 12:22 PM

Hi fellow hunters
I was wondering what you guys use for the tendon burn on HC Spine? On the dummies I have a hard time getting over 750k dmg within 18 sec. And since I am on the grips it is hard to have explosive shot up for the start of the tendon burn.
I hope you guys can help me out a bit.
Here is a link to my armory

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Posted 27 July 2012 - 04:30 PM

I´m usually on grip duty 2 and have no problem with that. I just kill the corruption while the amalgamation is exploding, so there will be no grip during tendon phase. You can easily manage to have BA and ES out of CD for the tendon. I have a macro for SrS with /tar Burning Tendon at start, so I can actually spam it and make it sure there´s no time loss. I do not apply mark. (though there is no strong theorycrafting about if its better or not to use it, it has been pointed somewhere in the hunter forums that it might not be worth the GCD unless there are 2 hunters).

You can also save the 4pc procc untill the tendon, but that may be difficult if you are on grip duty. For the first plate I use all CDs but pot, for the second pot+ blood fury, for the third everything again plus BL. Agi on use trinket in every plate. You should do fine if you can manage 1KK damage for every exposure, for example I can do anything between 1kk and 1.5kk in 404 ilvl. If you need a more steady output, you can try BM, it`s on par with SV if not superior for tendons, but worse for grip duty.

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Posted 01 August 2012 - 01:58 AM

For more spine damage, don't forget you can:

Use CotW on four different pets for every tendon that comes up. Tendon 1, use pet 1 CotW, then dismiss pet 1. Tendon 1 part 2 use pet 2 CotW, then dismiss pet 2, etc.

Reequip your Kiril during each phase so that you'll proc right when the tendon spawns. I re-equip right when the amalg we are killing spawns.

Put an explosive trap down where the bloods are being tanked. I usually get 2 LnL procs on every lift thanks to this.

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