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Posted 18 December 2010 - 06:03 PM

Post: Cataclysm Discipline Priest Compendium
User: Jonny_Monroe
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Original Post:

what's the soft cap for disc priest for mastery?

depends on your maximum health. DA (and possibly PW:S?) won't go above 20% of the casting player's max health. Just tested mine self buffed and it caps at 23125, which is 20%, so yeah. Check your greater heal crits and see if you're hitting the DA cap with it.

to help you test it:
0.3*1+(mastery/100) = DA%, multiply that by your greater heal crit amount and see if it goes over your cap.

Lightweave embroidery has a wrong tooltip. It procs 580 Intellect rather than the 580 spellpower as it suggests. Which of course is a huge difference.

In response to the post below, rather than spamming the thread.

I've just tested this and yes, it is giving int rather than SP. This may give it an edge for raiding disc priests. the wowhead link for the spell is Lightweave - Spell - World of Warcraft, some quick research is showing this to be a tooltip error.

580int for disc is adjusted to 700 through enlightenment and blessing of kings, which translates to 10500 additional max mana for 15 seconds. 1.5% of that is returned directly through replenishment active at the time (157 mana), a further 6% (630mana) of that will be returned from a single rapture proc (you could in theory time it to get 2, but the focus that would require is rarely available in raids). While int is heightened, base spirit regen is also up. combine all this, and we find that a single lightweave proc is worth roughly the same mana as a single dakrglow proc for disc priests (not counting additional benefits from combining this proc with a shadowfiend, of course). The proc chance is 20%, 60sec internal cooldown, versus darkglow's 35%, 60s ICD. So whilst darkglow will come up more frequently and thus can be worth slightly more mana over the course of a fight, lightweave gives a competitive mana regen whilst also giving some extra crit and spell power whilst it's up. If you do happen to have this proc with devine hymn or shadowfiend up, the mana benefit of it goes far beyond darkglow.

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