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Posted 23 December 2010 - 02:51 PM

Post: [Holy]Cataclysm Holy Compendium
User: Rathimis
Infraction: 1. All posters are to make an effort to communicate clearly.
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Haste is our biggest throughput stat, and mana saving stat. Its all about maximizing the mana efficient HPS, and by doing this you also increase your high mana consumption HPS for when its needed. Best of all, its done reliably.

More haste allows for more actions done between Holy Shocks. This is obviously going to increase ur HPS. The more Holy Lights, Divine Lights, Flash of Lights, you can cast between Holy Shocks, the more chances you get to fish for a Daybreak proc. Daybreak procs double the generation of Holy Power.

With my current 14% haste, I have time between HSs to cast 2x DL/HL + something else on the GCD (Judge, DivSac, etc). Imo, anytime you don't keep HS on CD ur decreasing ur mana efficient HPS, and will have to make up for it with mana inefficient heals or use of CDs. I can generally keep a Mastery shield up on every group member in a 5man doing this method as well.

I'm at around 2200 combat regen, and right now I'm putting haste >= spirit. The only item selection choice I think this changes is the relic choice, making the haste/crit better than the crit/spirit one.

Haste just beats the living hell outta everything for me. Increases HPS of low mana cost spells, while allowing increased Holy Power generation by fishing for more Daybreak procs - which increase mana efficient HPS greatly. And when stuff does get nasty, I can increase my HPS even higher thro DL/FoL more effectively than by favoring any other stat.

So [ Int > Haste >= Spirit before 2500 unbuffed combat regen > Crit >>>> Mastery = Spirit after 2500 unbuffed combat regen ] is what I'm gearing around atm. When I use vilepickle I plug in mastery's stat wt as 0.

My pre-raid gearing selection has zero pieces with mastery on them. I pick the piece with the highest haste, reforge crit to spirit, gem for socket bonuses that are not mastery, and am VERY happy with the healing style this allows.

My only problems with Holy atm is that Divine Favor is a very weak CD unless used with HR, should let HL generate 1 hopo while its up. Divine Guardian with a 5 min CD just seems ridiculous and needs a reduction to at least 3min. And LoD should really have its cone widened and lengthened- as is, I can see it being good in raids, but in 5mans its nearly useless, a 31pt talent should NOT be anywhere close to useless in 5mans - 180 degree radius with a 10ft range increase would do wonders for the useability of this spell.

Edit to add: I will hang on to a full power WoG and just keep Shocking and HLin untill I have both Daybreak and Infusion of Light procs up. Then unload with WoG (sometimes x2, make sure u wait for it), HS, DL, HS, WoG.... its like another CD really if you get that all ready to go.

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