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Posted 28 December 2010 - 01:37 PM

Post: [Resto] Cataclysm Release
User: mostlikely
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Original Post:

Am I missing out too much without GoTEm? When I first started normals I avoided rejuv like the plague because I burned my mana with it, and went for 3/3 in Nature's Bounty for a bigger crit chance on my CC procs.

Personally I'm using the same spec as you for heroic 5-mans only replacing 3/3 Efflorescence with 3/3 Gift of the Earthmother.
My idea was that the cheap passive healing from efflo was too situational (people not bunching up, mobile fights, ect.) to justify 3 points especially if your comfortable enough mana-wise to use WG instead.

What I personally would be missing without GoTEM is:
-the extra throughoutput of 5xrejuv (ontop of WG) when the entire party takes a good chunk of damage.
-the extra mana effeciency non-tank incidental damage healing (assuming you don't overheal with the extra 15%).
-the extra buffer when you fail to refresh your lifebloom on the tank (especially when your not able to heal/reach the tank for a few seconds)
-the extra burst healing in tree form when you lifebloom the party and let them expire.

I could make a similar (but shorter) list for Nature's bounty.
Generally I personally rate Nature's bounty closer to Efflorescence in terms of 'worth' per talent point however Efflorescence gives me mana effeciency and Nature's bounty gives me extra (reliable) healing in damage heavy situations.

Naturally it depends a good deal on your healing style and preference. Keep in mind certain priorities will change as you transition from normal to heroic 5-man.

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