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[Horde][Bleeding Hollow]<Div> 11/12 Recruiting DPS (25m)

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#1 Aditu


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Posted 29 December 2010 - 06:23 AM

[H] Bleeding Hollow - Div Cataclysm Recruitment:
Guild Website:

Div - A Horde Guild on Bleeding Hollow - U.S.

Current Progression:

WoW Guild Div @ Bleeding Hollow :: WoWProgress - World of Warcraft Rankings and History

Current Recruitment Needs:

DPS: High Need
Prefer: Melee


Our guild has members that have been raiding together since that initial launch of World of Warcraft. We’ve covered every expansion pack and killed every boss in the game on normal and hard mode prior to Cataclysm. We’ve formed close friendships with each other over the years and have played multiple games together outside of WoW. We’ve attended every Blizzcon since the inception of the convention and some of us hang out with each other on a fairly regular basis. In short, we’re not just a guild, but a community of friends who’ve seen each other through interesting times in and out of game. We are serious about our progression and play to the maximum of our ability and we will critique each other to make sure that we continue to play sharp. However, we’re also extremely concerned with having a guild environment thats conducive to camaraderie and team work and won’t tolerate childish or selfish behavior. For us, its not entirely about loot or progression, but about accomplishing our goals efficiently while still maintaining a fun atmosphere. During the holiday season, we've been running a light ten man roster. Come January, we'd like to get back into 25 man raiding.


*A clean and fun environment that’s light-hearted and inclusive.
*A group of players dedicated towards guild progression and individual character advancement.
*WoW knowledge and experience stretching back to vanilla launch.
*A leadership experienced with running and maintaining raiding guild since Vanilla launch



Our collective guild personality is one that is very light-hearted. We like to joke and goof about on non-raiding nights. We don’t get insulted or upset very easily, and we like to get to know our members on a personal level. We’ll call each other by our real names often as we call each other by our character names. The type of player candidate we’re looking for is one that would be comfortable in this type of environment and more importantly, someone whose personality matches ours. We have very little tolerance for a player who’se prone to getting upset over the slightest criticism or because he/she didn’t receive a bit of gear they were pining for. Additionally, we expect all of our players to be familiar with a raiding environment, and not be upset at being sat for a better class composition or a better player based on fight dynamics and needs. We also expect our members to contribute to the guild outside of raiding as well, be it through running heroics, putting raiding consumables/materials in the bank, or offering insights and research on particular fights. We’re not interested in a player who only logs on for raids and is absent from guild activities the rest of the week.

Skill Set:

We expect all our players to be able to play their class to the fullest in every manner. We don’t just expect you to do excellent DPS or have high healing throughput, but we expect you to be able to kite, interrupt, provide a raid cool down or utility. These are baseline expectations, and being able to do more then these requirements constitutes good play in our eyes. Being on-time for raids and not posting out for farm content are also baseline expectations. Failure in any of these categories will lead to you failing your trial, or being demoted and removed from the roster. We’re not obsessively strict and we fully accept that mistakes happen (and we do make mistakes ). However, consistency is trait we strive for, and if you can’t be consistent and dependable, we’ll have to look for someone else.

We also expect you to have multiple raiding specs, be steadily stocked with consumables, have First Aid trained, and be well versed on all fights. If we’ve got 15 minutes left on the clock, and our attempts on a boss have been very close and your flask runs out, we expect you to pop a new one regardless of 3/4’s of it being wasted.


We prefer applicants with a prior raiding history, and we especially prefer applicants who have raided in TBC or vanilla. We’re not interested in spending time explaining basic WoW mechanics repeatedly on encounters. A lot of boss mechanics are recycled, and prior experience dealing with them can go a long way in making up for any gear differential or a late start to Cataclysm.


We prefer members and trials attend all required raids. Applicants must commit to at least 90% attendance to be considered. Raids begin promptly at scheduled times, repeated tardiness and habitual absenteeism are unacceptable. If you can’t commit to 3 days a week, please don’t apply. Additionally, we like playing with members who are generally active outside of raids as well. We aren’t interested in ‘hired guns’ who log on only for raids and promptly log off the rest of the week. While we don’t expect you do be on nonstop, we also don’t want you to be a random member who we never really get to know because you’re scarce outside of official scheduled raids.


Wednesday: 8-12 Server(EST)
Thursday: 8-12 Server
Sunday: 8-12 Server

Loot System

We distribute loot based on raid priority and /random. That means for specific progression requirements like tank gear and special items will be distributed based on loot council. Everything else will be /random. We will ensure that our highest DPS, our tanks and our healers are given the gear needed to succeed and progress but for general loot we’ve chosen not to deal with DKP systems or Loot Council discussions.


If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message here.

#2 jmayhall


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Posted 30 December 2010 - 02:52 AM

Good evening,

I'm definetly intrested in app'ing to your guild. However, you didnt specify what size raids you are recruiting for. I will app, if it's 10m content. I was a GM of a 25m content guild and hated it. Thank you.

#3 Aditu


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Posted 30 December 2010 - 05:41 AM

Thanks for pointing that out Jeronim! Updated title. Recruitment needs are for a 25m roster.

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