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Posted 02 January 2011 - 12:14 AM

Post: [Resto] Cataclysm Release
User: Arx
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I'm a tad confused....We have a restoration druid from one of the world's top guilds (Xaar) claiming that druids need buffs for either raid healing or tank healing (or at LEAST some utility) and Blizzard's response is to nerf OoC and give us extra healing done on an already incredibly expensive heal (that probably won't be used as much because OoC won't proc as much)

While I have been too time-constrained to do any real math lately, it feels like a slight nerf to OoC will not really have that much impact. Each new item gives a noticeable amount of extra mana, and the self-sustainable healing output already feels pretty respectable as long as group heals do not have a huge advantage. Even if that sustainability is nerfed slightly, it'll stay competitive.

The main culprits right now seem to be Prayer of Healing and free paladin tank healing through Beacon of Light, with LoD in particular. Toning either of those mechanics down would already have a huge impact on the situation in heroic 25-mans based on my impressions, even if our burst healing isn't looked at.

I'm not entirely sure how much exactly the current Mana Tide mechanic factors into all this, but it definitely downplays the druid longevity and high self-sustained healing, which feel like the main strong points of druid healing. The totem is definitely a huge factor with the conflict with priests, but perhaps not with paladins. I don't have enough experience in paladin healing yet to provide any insightful feedback from that though.

On one hand I'm somewhat surprised that there is no indication of touching any of these, but on the other hand these problems weren't really evident in normal modes. There aren't that many guilds doing heroic 25-mans yet, and the mechanics aren't problematic on every encounter.

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