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Infraction for Chutoi: Multiple violations.

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Posted 13 January 2011 - 02:43 PM

Post: [Elemental] Cataclysm Discussion - Patch 4.0.3a
User: Chutoi
Infraction: Multiple violations.
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Original Post:

Hey, guys--I thought I'd solicit a bit of help from the experts. I seem to be missing something fairly simple, because i'm having a lot of difficulty breaking the 11-13k barrier. I'm doing about 11.5k on a raid dummy self-buffed. I understand people are pushing out more like 18k in raids, and I sort of doubt the additional 6k is all raid buffs. So . . . any suggestions? I'm kinda spinning my wheels a bit here.

I'll post a link to an armory that should be up to date. I'm still in heavy spirit gear to get to the 17% hit cap, so I'm a bit lower than I like in mastery/haste, but I don't think my gear is awful at this stage. I'm hit capped, I've redirected most of crit to haste/mastery.

Chutoi @ Ner'zhul - Game - World of Warcraft

In terms of rotation, I am dropping a spell haste totem, searing, mana, and whatever encounter specific earth totem seems reasonable. Flame shock maintained, LVB, LB, etc., until 7-9 stacks are up on lightning shield, then I ES. Refresh FS, searing as needed. I have removed unleased elements from my rotation for the most part. My ES tracks about the same as my FS damage on fights, or a bit lower, so I was wondering if that was an issue (maybe 6% or so).

I'm using flametongue weapon, of course.

I don't see significant lag for the most part. Maybe 250ish latency on raids with heavy graphics.

Decent computer, good connection . . . lousy player? :)

I would love some suggestions if you guys are kind enough to offer some.

(And thanks for the posts of wisdom, btw--long time reader!)


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