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Warning for Pudgeball: Multiple violations.

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Posted 14 January 2011 - 04:09 AM

Post: [Elemental] Cataclysm Discussion - Patch 4.0.3a
User: Pudgeball
Infraction: Multiple violations.
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Administrative Note:

Message to User:

Rule 1: Don't use chat-speak abbreviations like "afaik." Don't use ellipses instead of proper punctuation.

Rule 6: The back story of where you're posting from, or what procs you think you remember isn't of general interest.

Rule 7: Don't ask people to do work for you.

Rule ??: Don't post while drunk or on prescription cold medication. This post is really out of character for you based on your posting history.

Original Post:

I'm in bed on my phone and just remembered - the other night I was DPSing on my shaman as elemental while wearing Tear of Blood, and I'm positive I saw the +spirit proc. Well, that only procs from crit heals afaik. I definitely dont remember healing anyone either...Can healing stream stack Tsunami card up? If so, it would be a nice DPS trinket for hit cap so non spirit jewelry etc and other items would be good, as well as using reforges. Sorry if this has been addressed, having a hard time searching from my phone at the moment.

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