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Druid Resto Mastery Addon

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#1 kameelyan


    Von Kaiser

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Posted 20 January 2011 - 03:30 AM

I'm working on an addon to track healing gains through Druid Mastery (Resto).

Currently I've got the addon working to track if a spell is affected by mastery or not. From my testing it appears to be working perfectly. The last step I need to take is summing the values and analyzing them.

However, there is an error I'm seeing every now and again. It's really hard to replicate, so I wanted to reach out to the community to get some ample base sizes.

The files are here:
Addons/Druid Mastery

Druid Mastery : Druid : WoWInterface AddOns

Huge props to Pyrates as I began with looking at his MasteryCounter addon and getting some ideas. Eventually went another way, but he definitely played a part.


Here's a Pastey link for anyone who wants it:
Pastey.net - wowuidev paste bin

#2 Pyrates


    Piston Honda

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Posted 20 January 2011 - 09:35 AM

Great you're working on this, so I don't have to do it :D Code looks good so far, although I'm not sure why you didn't include efflorescence in the spell list (should just be a matter of adding it in, right?). But why aren't you checking on "sourceName
UnitName("player")" on SPELL_HEAL and SPELL_PERIODIC_HEAL? I'd say that one would start the handler function of COMBAT_LOG_EVEN_UNFILTERED just with "if not sourceName
UnitName("player") then return end" and be done with it.

Could you give an indication what the error is about? That might make triggering it easier :)

#3 kameelyan


    Von Kaiser

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Posted 20 January 2011 - 04:22 PM

Nice catch on the sourceName on spell_heal and spell_periodic_heal. I run 10 man as the only resto, so when I tested it last night it was working, but would have screwed up had there been another in raid.

In terms of efflorescence, I'm not sure it's affected by mastery. For example, if you rejuv a target you're standing next to, then swiftmend (with glyph of course), the player has a hot on them, but efflorescence ticks the same on both myself (no hot) and the player (has rejuv). Obviously, it's affected by Swiftmend's mastery gains, but that'll be 100% of the time.

After about 3 hours of testing, I couldn't get the error to recreate, so I'm satisfied currently. Going to keep testing as I update the addon, although I'm pretty much done with it I think.

Here's a pastey link with the line of code that typically errors:
Pastey.net - wowuidev paste bin

I believe it's happening because the combat log event isn't always properly returning the destName (who the spell was cast on) argument.

Lastly, I update the first post with the latest version. I'll be updating with a wowInterface link once it gets approved. The addon has been updated with collecting data now. It'll collect both tick counts and overall healing breakdowns. Lastly, there is a toggle to have it collect in/out of combat (although currently it's set to only collect in combat and sets to that toggle on every load of the addon [every time you load wow]).

#4 kameelyan


    Von Kaiser

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Posted 20 January 2011 - 08:51 PM

Here's the error I'm getting:
Pastey.net - wowuidev paste bin

And the code to this version:
Pastey.net - wowuidev paste bin

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