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Infraction for Namarus: 10. Do not respond to terrible posts.

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Posted 26 January 2011 - 07:40 PM

Post: [Cataclysm] - Survival Hunter
User: Namarus
Infraction: 10. Do not respond to terrible posts.
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Administrative Note:

Message to User:

Reporting this bit of nerd rage would have been the right move. Replying to it was the wrong move.

Original Post:

It is one thing to say "I have 20k ap including hunter's mark, a potion of Tol'vir, and full raid buffs". It is quite another just to state "I have 20k ap". Since raid buffs vary from 10 man to 10 man, I assume that the fairest way to compare AP values is to quote the unbuffed value. Potion of Tol'vir lasts for what, 20 seconds? Why would you include that boost in your AP?

In conclusion, my armor is fully gemmed and enchanted, however, I think it is counter productive to quote a fictitiously large AP without specifying that you are including boosts from Hunter's Mark, Raid Buffs, and for the love of god, a Potion of Tol'vir. We should be more specific in the future to reduce confusion.

This isn't an e-penis contest -- this is a theory crafting forum.

No one was talking about epeen. The discussion was merely concerning the cross over of shots, which was 14k ap. Since 14k is not very high at all, which was what I was pointing out. The 20k is an average ap given by female dwarf. Since I do not have remotely close to BiS gear I was pointing out how ridiculously easy it is to get well above 14k in a raid environment.

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