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Infraction for dsc: Multiple Violations

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Posted 28 January 2011 - 02:43 PM

Post: Cataclysm Holy Priest Compendium
User: dsc
Infraction: Multiple Violations
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You are totally missing something. The mastery hot is actually quite good for tank healing especially with the large health pools. The buffer is similar to a druids lifebloom spell ticking every second.

As for raid healing, the glyph of PoH is an additional HoT placed on the targets of PoH and is neither affected by mastery nor affects mastery in any way. The mastery hot is calculated based on the heal amount of the prayer. Unlike the PoH glyph hot if you cast 2 poh's in succession the glyphed hot is not recalculated and only reapplied. So you do lose the initial glyphed hot but not the initial mastery hot.

Mastery is good also for raid healing as it once again directly increases your HPM and HPS without any affect on mana cost.

therin lies a problem. and I agree arrelliana, some logs you see druids and shammys, even, quite effective.

what happens is too much overheal spam. If ... priests (I am one btw, holy and disc) look to realize that ok, target (s) are at 10-20k needed healing, and have rejuv wg glyph and mastery already stacked on them ticking away.. the target probably doesn't need healing. Go hit a tank up instead.

The problem right now is that POH by itself, without regard to a properly (gasp) placed renew, and a bit of mastery and the glyph destroys healing from the latter.

Right now thats a problem, and its sorely manifested in bad set up healing groups, toss in three or four healing priests...doing the same thing. Yeah, guess what happens.

a far cry from an effective 13percent overheal via mastery, hots and glyphs and direct heals.

what we see now is a haste spam fest =( didn't think i'd say it, but nerf poh is good.

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