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Posted 01 February 2011 - 03:52 AM

Post: Cataclysm Discipline Priest Compendium
User: dsc
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I've got Twisted Faith for Holy Fire hit cap, there's no other talent which is more usefull for smite/holy fire spamm.

This is pretty much how my halfus specc looks like: WoW Talent Calculator - Sigrie.
Main reason I've got talent points in PW:S is to shield up the whole raid before pull, and I also shield from time to time during fight to proc Borrowed Time & Rapture. Got both Inner Sanctum & Focused Will for reduced raid damage, the fire barrages hits for about 30k each, so it helps.

Since the fight is somewhat of a DPS race I try not to raidheal at all during the whole fight, unless the other healers can't handle it.

/agreed. my kills have been with druid/druids so usually i've had to take on the role of helping scoop up a party or two between stuns at the end.

(note on ten the heals on the tank(s) weren't proper enough for me to holy fire, I couldn't waste the cast on a holy fire, our DPS thankfully was good enough to make up for it. So pretty much i've tried the holy fire thing on tens, it seemed at times that the tank would drop if I bothered. So I stopped. and still pulled about 17k dps smiting only (for the attonment heals) might have been the holy pally as well not being up to par. (Malevolent Strike tanks were even moving out as they should after 6 or 8 stacks)(on 25 holy fire was fine.)

the only talents i'd consider swapping out are mental agility (x3) for reflective shield (really won't play a part unless you catch a welp or its an omfg about to wipe)

I'd grab soul warding for the pre shield though. even if keeping mental agility.

again this is a priest with a slew of spirit as a healer, a shadowpriest may find more value in mental agility due to gear. (you still have to move, so instaint cast heals while hopping out of fire aren't a bad thing ;) )

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