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Infraction for Danath: The Banhammer

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Posted 01 February 2011 - 03:11 PM

User: Danath
Infraction: The Banhammer
Points: 10

Administrative Note:

Ban request

Message to User:

Dear Danath,

You have received an infraction at Elitist Jerks.

Reason: 7. Do not beg for hand-holding.
You'd "like an overall comparison wihich showed the Top 10 or so trinkets" and I'd like a pony. With all the infractions you've got, you should have known well enough that asking for others to make you a list is going to get you a whole month off.

This infraction is worth 1 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire.

Original Post:

The on use Str, and Agi, procs for the Tol Barad trinkets are current underbudget which causes them to lose a lot of value vs other 359 ilvl trinkets. As far as I know this issue hasn't been addressed on the PTR which means it probably won't make it into the next patch. Hopefully Blizzard recognizes this issue at some point and buffs the trinkets.

Edit: Took out the DMC: Hurricane part since someone covered it much better than I did.

Yes, but what about the non-epic trinkets? Will Impatience of Youth be better of them when 4.0.6 comes?

I can confirm that DMC: Hurricane is an outstanding trinket. Over a 5 minute span on the raiding dummy on live, the nature proc alone accounted for just over 3.9% of total damage. Has anyone done testing to evaluate this trinket on the PTR? My concern is the fix on SoC might have an impact. Also curious to see how one would model a comparison between DMC: Hurricane and Impatience of Youth, considering the buff to mastery.

I'd like an overall comparison wihich showed the Top 10 or so trinkets, epic & non-epic. I know that the OP rules out BiS, but there is also mentioned the discussion of the sometimes (very) different trinket mechanics.
A proper weighting akin to some other classes' topics, would be of great help when deciding what is and what is not an upgrade in that slot.

All the best,
Elitist Jerks

To be honest, I could care less about most of the infractions that your Censure system provides to its very users on a minute-to-minute basis, let alone "a month off" or even a permanent ban. This has nothing to do with hand-holding or whatever you like to define it, and all to do with getting valuable information that other users expressed the need too, although in a more limited and perhaps less explicit way.

Most other class/specs official topics have BiS lists, let alone trinket weighting of the most valuable items in that slot; asking for a brief trinket list is merely derived from need, one which is felt thorough among that topic visitors, something readily apparent when considering the amount of discussion on trinkets and the usual direct comparisons amongst them. A best-trinkets list would only make things much easier and clearer for all readers; and lastly, none implied that we required that, or demanded that, or expected that. We merely asked.
I, for one, wouldn't have repeated that application if none of the contributing theorycrafters would have replied to it. But nonetheless, it was something that needed to be expressed, if only once, even though I was conscious about the potential threat of a similar post here.

But not only you dismiss this in yet another twisted misinterpretation, you also delete my post and yield an "infraction" with nothing but a pure and senseless act of Censure. Of course, this isn't really news about this forum's government; the inborn arrogance in many of the countless infractions yielded in all these years is well renown, as much as your reputation for theories on WoW game mechanics.
Obviously, you would argue that your objective is spot-on. Order is being maintained, after all.

But at which cost? One that I believe is just too high of a price to be exacted, no matter what the objectives: freedom of speech and expression, more often than not compromised by your fanatic research&cleaning program of every possible "pollution" of the all-important theorycrafting discussions.
This is not the perfect or best solution to avoid chaotic forums issues, which of course would prevent any proper and insightful discussion; as much as a dictatorial, absolute regime wouldn't be the answer to anarchy without any rules.

There is a middle way, and it is that I pursued and abided to since I can recall; it's one that values, amongst the other things and perhaps above all, common sense before harsh judgement, something that you seem unable to express in your zealotry.
I will always be bound to this, something that, after quite literally dozens of thousands of posts all over the Web in almost fifteen years, hardly costed me an infraction at all; and they were not all an infernal mess or forum brothels: they just didn't feel any need to play the roles of Olympus Gods, storming people below with punishments after punishments from a higher ground - which is exactly what you're doing here now.

Ban me, if you wish. As you can see now, I don't care, since I don't recognize the value in the premise of many of your rules that lead to this ridiculous, censorious infraction system.
Besides, this is not the only place where it is possible to discuss things related to WoW mechanics and the others are far more tolerant, even without descending into the supposed madness that you fear so much.

One question however remains, one that I have to say, amuses me: will you ever understand the intrinsic insanity in this, derived from the simple fact that you are just humans and therefore as much as prone to be wrong like us? Or will you keep playing the superior beings, unassailable and righteously ruling and punishing the lesser ones, like the aforementioned Gods?
I think I know the answer, however I don't have the presumption to assume that someone among you won't finally resolve that this situation could be changed for the better - actually, I hope so.

Best regards.

Nice speech, you still broke the rules though.

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