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Posted 05 February 2011 - 05:48 PM

Post: Cataclysm Tanking/Protection Field Manual :: Updated Feb 2, 2011 (4.0.3a)
User: James71
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I find myself having some mana problems using SoT and unable to ever really use Conc or HW.

Did you talent into the more mana efficient Consecration with 2 points?
That will reduce mana cost by 80%.
If not, Consecration is likely costing you about 50% of your mana per cast.
By using the talent points, it drops to consuming only about 10% of your mana per cast.

Use Judgment more often to regain mana.

My main question is... how much more DPS will SoT give compared to using Conc and HW full time? Will it be that much more compared to the self healing of SoI + DPS of Conc and HW?

Glyphed SoT adding +10 Expertise is one of the best point gains we have available to us.
Mana should never be an issue where you feel that SoI is the solution.
If you gear, reforge, gem for avoidance and mitigation (Mastery/Parry/Dodge) that will prevent far more damage than the healing that SoI provides.

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