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Infraction for Rei-Lin: 7. Do not beg for hand-holding.

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Posted 11 February 2011 - 12:57 PM

Post: Assassination Guide for Cata
User: Rei-Lin
Infraction: 7. Do not beg for hand-holding.
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We don't do customised playstyle advice here, read the FAQ and spec threads and figure it out for yourself. Enchants are not responsible for a 3k swing in dps.

Original Post:

Hey all, nice to meet you all. I have a few questions about the two main Rogue enchants. Obviously the recommended two are Landslide MH+OH. The secondary, cheaper alternative is Hurricane on MH+OH instead. My question stems from an inconsistency issue I have in the raids I'm running. Myself and another Rogue have nearly the same gear, the biggest difference is he has a 409 dps MH (Steelbender's Masterpiece), and a 462 OH (Scaleslicer), both of which are enchanted with Hurricane, whereas I have two 462 dps daggers (Organic Lifeform Inverter MH and Scaleslicer OH) both enchanted with Landslide.
In raids there are fights, like Halfus where he will trounce me in dps by a good 3,000~4,000, and others like Chimaeron where I"ll be ahead of him by 3,000 or so dps. So the question becomes, outside of obvious mistakes in rotations, is Hurricane changing something so massive that despite my better daggers and similar gear, he can stomp my ass one fight and lose badly on another? Exactly how far apart in numbers are we talking when the post said "Landslide is ahead of Hurricane" on the first page? Is it marginal by like 50~100 dps or due to the weird proc chance, it can be really bad or insanely good? I'd appreciate hearing some thoughts on this, and I apologize if somebody already figured it all out and I somehow missed it.
Another reason I'm asking about Landslide versus Hurricane enchants also, is that out of curiosity I looked up some other Rogues doing the same bosses on World of Logs, and the few I looked at had much higher numbers than I've ever seen, and they were using the same blue 409 daggers that most Rogues do when running heroics and they have double Hurricane on those weapons. For example, again on Halfus I pulled 43k dps tonight, but the Rogue I looked at pulled just under 65k on the same fight, with worse gear. Does Hurricane's effectiveness improve by some exponential margin in 25 man raids or is it a stat break point where double Hurricane does in fact become overkill compared to Double Landslide? Any clarification on this would be appreciated, as I'm a bit stumped by the huge numbers on one fight, and subpar (in my opinion) on another. Thanks all!

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