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Posted 14 February 2011 - 03:42 PM

Post: The Retribution Concordance - 4.0.6 compliant
User: Ronark
Infraction: 10. Do not respond to terrible posts.
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Hi everyone,

i have a somewhat basic question about the "Rotation". It says, Inq > CS > TV > HoW > Exo > J > HW > Cons and my Question is, if this counts no matter how many Holy Points i have...or do i have to collect 3 HP before i use Inq or TV?

Cause if that's the case, i had difficulties gaining HP fast enough, and could need some advices.


It always assumes an empty Holy Power rotation, meaning that at 1 Holy Power, you use Inquisition if it not currently up. At 0-2 Holy Power (and if Inquisition is up with more than 4 seconds on duration), use CS (this is similar to the old 3 second rule). At 3 Holy Power (and if Inquisition is up with more than 4 seconds on duration), use a TV.

Since DP does not proc off of Crusader Strike or White Swings, you can never waste them unless you drop it on an early Inquisition. Finally, it is not advised to use a Divine Purpose on Zealotry, unless you already have 3 Holy Power, because you then waste whatever Holy Power you have accumulated.

In its simplest form, the rotation is: Inquisition > CS > TV > Greater Filler > Lesser Filler.
In its most expanded form, it becomes: Inquisition (If <4 seconds on Inquisition) > CS (at 0-2 Holy Power) > TV (at 3 Holy Power or with DP proc) > HoW > Exorcism > Judgement > HW > Cons.

Mastering the simplest rotation will yeild similar DPS to the full expanded one. As long as you have Inquisition at close to 100% uptime, and prioritize your CS and TV strikes, small mistakes with the fillers won't impact as much of your DPS (say, if you used Exo over HoW, or HW before Judgement). The only exception being Consecration, as it cannot proc DP.

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