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Posted 14 February 2011 - 05:59 PM

Post: [Cataclysm] Marksmanship
User: wilegenuis
Infraction: 6. Do not post unless you have something new and worthwhile to say.
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I really don't what you are going for here. I appreciate your contributions, etc. but I have to move this out. You're looking back on the past with a bit of selective memory. Sure at the end of each raid tier we will all pretty much be cookie cutter builds, gear, glyphs and specs. That will pretty much hold true for this tier as well. I don't think trying to get folks to select certain periods of combat for comparison is even advantageous, let alone feasible. What if one person's group uses bloodlust/time-warp/heroism at the start of the fight but another uses it in the middle. Now you're talking about two different time periods during which different things can be happening, etc. The only way is to really compare a full fight. Doing this insures that everything is as "level" as it can be for comparison. A post like this is just going to invite a slew of debate about a meaningless thing.

Original Post:

I find this thread very confusing, as each MM got its own gear, haste level (from gear) and build. Back in the 3.X we all had similar build and clear shot priority. Now in 4.0.6. when I load the elitists profile using FD, I see that each one is using different combo of talents, therefore it is clear that each one will see different numbers using FD and WOL.
The fact that now we also got the RF, CA, ISS, Term, Bloodlust periods and un-clear glyphs priority option also doesn’t make the comparison easy.
I suggest that we will all publish and compare rotations under a clear clarifications of these facts, we will all compare rotations when we are in a steady period of the fight, we are not in the CA and Term periods, ISS is up, no Bloodlust is running, we all use the potions, we all use Pathing 3/3 (or say otherwise), we got all the raid buffs up and running during the entire duration of the fight and we don’t use the 4 piece set (I guess most of the hunters don’t have it yet) etc’

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