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[Alliance][Darkspear] <The Church> 8/13 (H) Recruiting Ranged DPS and Healers

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Posted 16 February 2011 - 12:54 AM

The Church is an Alliance guild on the Darkspear (US-PvP-MST) server. Our raid schedules are less demanding than those of most guilds and we do not require nor reward more than 3 nights of raiding per week.

Current Progression: Heroic 8/13 (this is liable to change any raid)

Our Raid Schedule is as follows: Mon & Wed: 8:00pm-11.30pm Server (MST). Sun: 7.30pm-11.30pm Server (MST).

Because of our limited raid time, we place a strong emphasis on the quality of our members. Church members must exhibit a thorough understanding of their class and how to use it to the benefit of their groups. We like people who can work well with others in stressful situations, who can analyze challenges and offer solutions while accepting the ideas of others. And above all, we look for members who have that rare, but treasured combination of fun-loving maturity. We have no tolerance for drama or loot whores.

Ah, yes, loot. The Church has a rather unorthodox loot system. We don't use dkp, as we feel it slows down raids, makes people feel compelled to raid more than 3 nights a week, and inevitably creates tension between people trying to outbid each other. Instead, we use a combination of raid leader discretion and /rolls (yes, rolls). The reason this works for us is because most of us have been playing together for a long time, and have built a strong sense of trust between members. Let us be clear upfront--if you have ever thrown a fit over DKP or quit a guild because you didn't receive an item you wanted, you would NOT be happy here.

Raid Times:
Sunday 7:30-11:30 Server (MST)
Monday & Wednesday 8:00pm-11:30pm Server (MST)

What is expected from all of our raiders:
- Full understanding of all current progression heroic encounters.
- A stable internet connection. We won't tolerate players that constantly disconnect.
- A computer that can handle current content without issues.
- A mature and drama-free attitude.
- The ability to take criticism. If you are performing badly, we'll tell you... it's what you do with criticism that's important.
- 90% attendance or more from our raiders.
- Working mic and Ventrilo. The ability to speak in vent during a boss fight is important.
- In-depth knowledge of your class. Those unwilling to educate themselves have no place within our ranks.

Recruitment needs:
Our main focus is to augment our current roster with 2-3 ranged dps and 1-2 healers. We are particularly interested in:
- Hunter
- Mage
- Warlock
- Balance Druid

- Priest (Holy/Disc)
- Paladin (Holy)

- Death Knight (Tank)

We are always looking for exceptional players of any class, even if we aren't recruiting your particular class. If you can outperform our current members, come prove it and take the raid spot from them. Proof with recent heroic achievements or WMO, WWS, WOL required.

Where Can You Apply:
Visit the website at http://churchguild.org/apply.php
or contact Quadraxes, Ryegeleye, Failbear or Grizzled in game

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Posted 21 March 2011 - 04:59 AM

Updated for new needs.

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