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[Horde][Aerie Peak] <Heroes Ascent> 10-man late night raiding guild

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Posted 18 February 2011 - 01:05 PM

About us

Heroes Ascent is an adult 10-man late night raiding guild on Aerie Peak (EU). The guild is 4 years old with stable leadership and a mature player base. We were originally formed by a group of friends from other guilds who could no longer meet their regular raiding schedules.

We don't recruit often but due to losing some people to real life changes at the start of this expansion we are now looking for some more talented friendly people to join our raiding core and help us kill more of these malevolent Cataclysm bosses.

We're primarily interested in recruiting a DPS / Tank hybrid. Your role will be DPS most nights but you must be a willing and capable tank to step in as cover for our tanks on the odd nights they might have to take off. You should be able to maintain knowledge of both roles in the fight and should be communicating regularly with both our DPS and Tank role leaders in order to keep yourself informed of what is expected of you in both roles of a fight. We are looking for a pro-active and reliable player.

Weeknight raids are 23:30-02:00 with weekend raids being 23:30-03:00 (or later if necessary). We currently raid Wednesday, Friday and Saturday but would like to add a Monday to the raid calendar if we can get enough members to sustain a four night schedule.

We started Cataclysm raiding on Jan 21st and are currently sitting at 7/13 and working on the Twilight Ascendant Council.

About you

Members are expected online most nights from 23:30-02:30 and raid core members should be available two or more raids per week. Over 18s and people living in timezones earlier than server time are generally preferred for obvious reasons.

What we are looking for is not people who "stay up late especially to raid" but people who play late most nights regardless of whether they're raiding or not due to their situations in real life. We want people to make a positive overall contribution to the guild who have a great sense of humor and a casual but focused attitude to raiding. You should be self-motivated but not self-orientated and you’ll need to be able to tolerate frequent wipes whilst learning content.

In summary you should be:
  • Able to raid 23:30-02:00 (03:00 on weekends) at least two nights per week.
  • Able to critically analyze your own performance.
  • Able to accept constructive criticism.
  • Able to laugh at yourself.
  • Able to remain focused even with 6 pints of coffee in your belly!
Although we're primarily looking for new raiders we are always interested in recruiting social members for heroics, non-progress raids and other aspects of the game. If you're a mature player who usually can't log in before 23:00 and are looking for a guild, we'd love to hear from you.

You should also have absolutely no romantic interest in sheep because Flop doesn't like competition for the ladies... :)

How to apply

If you would like to speak with one of our officers in game feel free to whisper any of the following:

Contacts for raiding applicants:

Guild Leader = Nestorius
Raid Officers = Darkshifting, Hulke or Zalroth
Role Leaders = Zombietank (Tanks), Kokochu (Healers) or Wolfscream (DPS)

Contacts for social applicants:

Guild Leader = Nestorius
Social Officers = Flopper (or any other Flop) or Insomniac

If you like what you hear and want to put in an application please visit our recruitment forum on heroesascent.com.

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