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Posted 23 February 2011 - 06:37 PM

Post: Assassination Guide for Cata
User: Schmoopy
Infraction: 10. Do not respond to terrible posts.
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I am having some serious personal gear choice issues as far as the set bonuses go. I am having a hard time giving up certain pieces to make bonuses. For instance, I have the gloves and the shoulders, but after using them for a week of raiding I felt that I did worse. I decided to break the bonus and put Poison Protocol shoulders back on. After reforging it gave me the same base agility but with an increase to mastery about 200 points.

Now I have the tier helm and I'm thinking after I get the chest or legs, that I will dawn all this equipment for the 4 piece bonus. My question is, are the bonuses together worth losing a whole lot of mastery? Or should the helm be my off piece? I have the spreadsheet, I've read every forum on here, but losing all that mastery is a hard pill to swallow. Some advice concerning this would be very helpful. Mind you, this is all concerning non-heroic gear, as my guild is just beginning to tackle heroics.

It seems like you answered your own question there. Whether or not you can "swallow the pill" is up to you. But if shadowcraft says you'll do more dps with the set bonuses at the loss of mastery then that is the best information you can find, but it only applies to the long run averages. In any given boss fight RNG can make it "feel" like one set up is clearly on top of the other.

Personally I can't wait to pick up tier shoulders so I can get my set bonus. Mastery is a nice stat and all, but going by shadowcraft the lead it has over my other stats is very narrow.

So you might find the pill easier to swallow if you went and looked at what your current EP value is for mastery. Maybe its not as high as you think it is.

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