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Infraction for theoriginalmre: FEEDS IDIOTS, GETS BANNED

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Posted 04 March 2011 - 04:52 AM

Post: Combat Guide for Cata
User: theoriginalmre
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And it's folks like you who encourage newbie idiots to keep posting their stupid crap because you can't keep your meaty, ass-crack scratching finger off the reply button. Enjoy your week off, dipshit.

Original Post:

Hi guys.
I have a few questions that I cant seem to find the answer to in here. I switched to combat after the patch, mostly because I was getting tired of mutilate spamming.

Erm, you do realise that Sinister Strike is more spammed in Combat than Mutilate is in Assassination? :)

First of all, have I understood it correct that it is better stacking haste than reaching the spell hit cap? Unlike mutilate where spell hit cap sould be reached asap. Also which abilities does spell hit affect? what is a comfortable hit% for combat rogues right now?

I am also considering trying out the hurricane card instead of my left eye of rajh. It wouldnt be a problem to reach expertise cap by reforging, but I would obviously lose some haste on it. I see the hurricane deck higher on the BiS list, but I am unsure whether to go for it or not with my current gear.

All the answers to your particular questions can be found in the first post on this very thread. Omg wtf - I know! Here's a patronising link:

If for some reason you can't seem to understand the post, then here's your answers in a nutshell:
Haste > Spell Hit for Combat
Spell Hit is for your poisons
Hurricane Deck > Left Eye

More of Combats damage is from physically striking your opponent, in contrast to Assassination which is from poison damage. Hence why the stats are weighted differently. Note that Agi is so much "better" than everything else, that it almost makes no difference if you were to stack Spell Hit instead of Haste (for example), since the EP between them is only 0.1, but Agi is worth almost double their values.

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