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Posted 15 March 2011 - 03:17 PM

First off if you're a new poster, please make sure you've looked over http://elitistjerks....pdated_7_14_10/

Remember that EJ is a forum directed toward end-game raiding. We don't care if you have a neat leveling spec, or a cute spec that works at level 80, or something that is fun in heroics. It doesn't matter. The discussion should be focused on topics that pertain to 10/25 man raids.

http://elitistjerks....est_compendium/ -- Our current discussion thread for Holy theorycrafting.
http://elitistjerks....est_compendium/ -- Our current discussion thread for Discipline theorycrafting.
http://elitistjerks....sion_cataclysm/ -- Healing discussion thread for specific boss fights. If it's theorycrafting, it should be in the other threads.
http://elitistjerks....iest_cataclysm/ -- Our current discussion thread for Shadow theorycrafting.

http://elitistjerks....wers_cataclysm/ -- Read the first post to see exactly what fits in this thread. Having said that, we will be more lenient about discussion here. Post reporters, bear that in mind. A question about heroics wouldn't necessarily get infracted here, where it would in one of the other threads.

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