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Infraction for norcalkev: Awful in many, many ways

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Posted 31 March 2011 - 08:39 PM

Post: Rogue Simple Questions Thread: Cataclysm Edition
User: norcalkev
Infraction: Awful in many, many ways
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Ive been trying to find out what the best fighting rotation of my abilities are and so far I've read Garrote or mutilate first followed by, SnD, Mutilate x4, rupture and envenom. there also have been others I've read but with little variance. Ive also read that you should start from stealth... you can't open with garrote or mutilate while in stealth are you just supposed to voluntarily come out of stealth before your first attack?? Other questions I have is I have the talent "Blackjack" which puts an 8 sec 70% doable damage debuff on your target after sap wears off, do I have to wait for it to completely wear off? can I interrupt it with an attack and will it still apply the debuff? does the enemy have to be targeting me whiled sapped for them to receive the debuff when it wears off? Last question is has anyone tried to open with cheap shot, mutilate, SnD, Vanish, and then cheap shot again? I've tried on NPC's and the second cheap shot doesn't work for some reason...auto attack shouldn't be stopping it because damage doesn't break cheap shot. If I can work everything out I plan to open with sap, interrupt it with cheap shop or wait for sap to wear off then cheap shot followed by mutilate, SnD, Vanish, cheap shot, mutilate x?, rupture and envenom. if I could get cheap shot to work the second time in my rotation i wouldn't need sap at the beginning. The whole point is to be able to attack someone for 8 sec without them being able to do anything about it or attack someone for 4 secs followed by them loosing 70% doable damage for 8 secs. I'm only interested in a rotation for PvP and not fighting more than one enemy at a time. I've come up with a few macros to keep pets and minions at bay for a short while with kick and gouge while fighting the main toon. Any info or constructive criticism helps thx. sorry for the long post:)

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