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Posted 14 April 2011 - 05:44 PM

Post: [Resto] Cataclysm Release (updated for 4.0.6)
User: ioy
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Hurray HT does 35k now. Great buff...

Also, what's all this fuss about Shards of Woe, if you're running out of mana, you're doing something wrong, or you're sniping heals, learn to manage it better and stack more spellpower, haste, or crit.

I recently obtained a SOW, and after using it in a few raids, I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. I know on paper it's incredible, but meh. I'm using the Alch trinket to help me get to 2030 haste, since I can't reach that based on the gear I currently have unless I drop my 4 piece, which I'm hesitant to do.

I've been proccing the SOW right before periods of AOE, WG->SOW->Rejuv my WG targets. I haven't noticed much of a HPS increase on normal fights, instead i've noticed a decrease because of the loss of the Int. Looking at my WOL, my heals hit for ~400 less than they used to, and ~400 less than the other druid i heal with. The faster ticks are nice when you low heal, I suppose, or on fights like Chim where there's almost no overheal, but I feel like the extra ticks I get are 'wasted' since our raid rarely stays low for less than a few seconds, and I'm just ending up with more overheal.

I was hoping for some opinions from those more experienced then I about the pros and cons of using mouseover macros.

I use a combination of mouseovers and the Razer Naga mouse. I used to use Clique, but I had issues healing with mouseovers, pressing Shift/Alt/Ctrl keys plus my clicks and moving [since you can't really bind all your heals to a 5 button mouse]. Now, I use mousovers, press the little buttons on the side of my mouse, and strafe away.

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