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[Resto] Simple Questions + WoL Feedback

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#201 Phaidon


    Glass Joe

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Posted 28 March 2012 - 05:52 PM

I assume you are talking about the Zon'ozz HC wipes? Because on Morchok there's just not enough to heal, and the little there is the other healers are much more likely to get, resulting in high overheal on all your hots.
First of all, your gear is fine, but don't go for bad socket bonusses (gloves, one ring). Second, while 3 minute wipes might not be the best indicator, some of your uptimes and spell uses are way off. Just to give you a general idea on how I heal the boss:
While you're stacked in the two camps during the normal phase, just keep up lifebloom on the tank if you are in range of him (standing in the melee camp, that is), or on yourself if you aren't. Make sure to use Wild Growth on every bounce and Swiftmend on CD. Heal up the remaining damage with Nourish and Rejuv, and just blanket everyone for the last two bounces of so. During the black phase run to your position, Rejuv and Wild Growth the players you are to heal and use Tranq. Heal up the remaining damage after Tranq with more Hots and Nourish. Then repeat P1; some 5-10 seconds before the second black phase just use ToL and start putting 3 stacks of Lifebloom on yourself and the other players you will be healing. You'll have tranq up for the 3rd black phase again.

What confused me about your logs: You don't seem to be using Nourish very much or at all in some fights. Use it a lot more often! It has very low mana costs, so in fights where healing matters you could be using it on every free GCD, basically. This would also help you with your uptime on Harmony, which is as low as 50% sometimes. Also, you seem to be casting Regrowth (and sometimes Healing Touch) too often, especially considering your very low uptime (as low as 20%!) on Lifebloom. Lifebloom triggers Clearcasting, so just keep it up on someone who takes damage.

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Posted 03 October 2012 - 09:53 PM

In patch 5.0.X for PvE, does it make sense to use Glyph of Regrowth? If so, when does it make sense to use Healing Touch instead of Regrowth? It seems like Regrowth gives roughly equivalent healing for roughly equivalent mana, but is much faster to cast and guarantees a Living Seed proc.

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