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Infraction for sardinemaster: Multiple violations

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Posted 24 April 2011 - 09:26 PM

Post: Mage UI and Add-ons (READ THE FIRST POST)
User: sardinemaster
Infraction: Multiple violations
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This is a terrible start to your posting career here. Go back and read the forum rules that you clicked 'agree' to when you signed up here. Then check the first post of the UI thread to understand why your post was moved.

Original Post:

Hey, thanks for a great guide.
I was looking for an addon, and I can't find it.
Here is what I would like to do:
I would like to change spec, and I would like my binds to change automatically to my skills.
This seems easy enough, when said like this, as it can be done with Bartender, simply dragging the skills to the binds that I already had on the other spec.
But in my case, I can't quite do that.
Here's why:
I play a mage, and I have my pet's freeze on MOUSEBOUTTON 4.
When I change spec to fire, my pet disappears and obiously so does my pet bar, but the bind stays on that skill (I'm currently using Bartender). So for me to change the bind, would mean I would have to change it back and forth everytime I change spec.
I know this is not a big issue and I might even be wrong as I'm talking from memory (I don't have WoW here, haven't played in a week), but if there is a way to reset everything whenever I change spec so that I can customize it the way I want and save it.
Sorry if this was confusing.
Thank you for your help.

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