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Warning for Sprucelee: 3. All discussion should be both polite and civil.

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Posted 08 May 2011 - 03:09 AM

Post: [Resto] Cataclysm Release (updated for 4.1)
User: Sprucelee
Infraction: 3. All discussion should be both polite and civil.
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Administrative Note:

Message to User:

It's completely fine that you're obviously excited about the set bonus, but try not to take the fact that others might not be personally. You're dangerously close to insinuating that the person to whom you are responding is a clueless idiot. That's just not how we do things here. This is only a warning and therefore carries no points-- just a heads up that you need to be careful about how you word stuff. Also, each line doesn't need a blank line after it. Aim to keep your posts as spatially concise as possible. Thanks.

Original Post:

It was in reference to the bonus. Of course ToL can be planned, but in the vast majority of situations, you can't plan for where players are going to be in 10-12 seconds' time, which is the window you've got between controlling (casting LB) and gaining the benefit (bloom). Sure, in heavy damage phases it's most likely (depending on range) going to be effective anyway, but it's largely incidental, and won't have a significant impact on the way in which you heal.

I can, and do, for every single fight with ToL. So you just leave me kinda confused, as if we are not even playing the same game. After only a few pulls of a fight I already have these things timed out.... And to boot, this will be a smart heal, if you have max LB's rolling it will be plastering any available healing with blooms as they keep rolling off. This will be awesome in any heavy damage phase. I have no doubt I will always find its place, and multiple places to boot. Just take this current tier:

Magmaw: Pretty much anytime when the head is not exposed. I pop it following the first pillar. The fights movement makes this always effective, there is plenty to heal.

Omno: Shadow Conductor and security measure, easy to time,

Maloriak: Black phase, p2. Easy to time.

Atramedes: Like Mag, anytime not air-phase. Movement makes this always effective, plenty to heal.

Chimearon: Duh.

Nef: I start pillars, then on cd post crackle, rotated with tranq. Easy to time.

Halfus: Anytime, pop it to start and then on CD.

VT: Blackouts, again, easy to time.

Chogall: Empowered shadows, P2, easy to time.

Do I need to go on? Really..

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