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Warning for Eöwin: 1. All posters are to make an effort to communicate clearly.

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Posted 23 May 2011 - 02:52 PM

Post: Priest Simple Questions/Simple Answers: Cataclysm
User: Eöwin
Infraction: 1. All posters are to make an effort to communicate clearly.
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I realize you're not a native English speaker, so just a few tips for our forums. Don't hit enter/return after each sentence, it makes it look really awkward to read. Just keep going like I am doing here, in a paragraph. Also please don't use abbreviations like "no1" -- spell it out. Finally, there's no need to link your armory, as it should be in your profile to the left of the post.


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I hope im not at the wrong place here!
I wanted to ask what the average overall healing is for a 6/33/2 holy priest..
I am the only priest healing in my guild and no1 can give me any advice at how im doing, this is very annoying!
Last sunday we did cho'gall and i couldnt get any more than 7.5k max 8k healing out of it. There was a paladin and a shaman healer with me and they were way higher on meter.
I dont know what to do! please help me

this is a link to my armory page Eöwin @ Doomhammer - Game - World of Warcraft

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