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Posted 01 June 2011 - 06:08 PM

Post: Combat Guide for Cata [05/19/2011]
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Hi there. Long time reader, first time poster..

I've been wondering if anyone has put thought into how the combat stat weighting would change assuming Blade Flurry is up all the time and a target is in range to be cleaved? I know there would be a change but I'm not well versed enough mathematically to be sure what it would come to.

My rough guess would be to multiply each applicable ep value by 2 (applicable being which stats have effect on the 2nd target, unlike spell hit) then mutiply the outcome by 0.85 to account for the reduction in haste (glyphed)

Agi (2.7*2)*0.85 = 4.59
Yellow hit (1.9*2)*0.85 = 3.23
Expertise (1.65*2)*0.85 = 2.805
Spell Hit 1.4*0.85 = 1.19

and so on...
I think for the above stats I'm possibly close-ish but I have no idea how to compensate for the rupture being dropped and for poisons becoming less of the overall dps - surely that would effect the stat weightings across the board too?

If anyone could help or give some more insight I would be very happy.



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