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H- Shadowmoon <Bless the Martyr> 2/7HM LF DPS 20k++ and Resto Shaman

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Posted 27 June 2011 - 05:23 AM

2/7 HMs
What we need from you:
- Be motivated to be the best, if you aren't and do not care that much, you aren't going to do that well.
- Have 100% dedication to playing your character and class
- Be RELIABLE, we need you to attend almost every raid. In the events that you can't attend we need to know in advance.
- Have a microphone and not be afraid to use it, we do not type to communicate as it wastes time

You will receive criticism when you make mistakes, sometimes it will be harsh, but you must be able to take this and improve. If you are going to go and cry to your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/mom when someone tells you that you did something wrong, we are not the place for you.

Be able and willing to play long hours for the first couple weeks, including time on the weekends during the day, and during the week before/after normal raid hours. While this period of long hours won't last long we need you to make the time for it and have the stamina to perform.

We will not be putting too much emphasis on gear and experience, however be at least 2 or 3/13 and full 359 geared. We'll be able to get you the gear and experience you need in the next couple of weeks.

What you can expect from us:
- A disciplined and hardcore raid environment, as a guild our focus will be on being #1 and anything else is falling short.
- A social environment, for most of our members that is one of the biggest draws of this game. So you will find people on at all times, many of us play different games as well. Our guild may be predicated around raiding but we want a family type atmosphere (although that of a dysfunctional one) and do want interaction and interests to go beyond raiding.

I'm not going to put a restriction on any classes. If you think you are good enough and want to compete then just apply, however the following classes we do need more than others.

Resto Shaman
Balance druid
Any DPS who can consistently pull 23k, if you can do this I have a raid spot for you!

Standard raid schedule:
8:30-12:00 EST (remember this is after the initial progression, during we will be raiding more)

or email blessthemartyrguild@gmail.com

If you prefer to speak with someone on the server, pst any officer in game.

Apply at
Home - Bless the Martyr

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Posted 12 July 2011 - 10:56 AM

Updated recruitment needs

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Posted 11 August 2011 - 04:40 AM


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