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Warning for Drmurray: Multiple violations.

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Posted 30 July 2011 - 03:45 PM

Post: [Resto] Raiding 4.1 - updating for 4.2
User: Drmurray
Infraction: Multiple violations.
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Administrative Note:

Message to User:

Rule 1: Don't use chat-speak abbreviations. Don't use ellipses instead of proper punctuation. Use a spell check utility, your web browser probably has one built in.

Rule 6: Half of your post is fine (your questions about macros and hex), the other half is just fluff. By now we all know about the benefits of telluric currents, your anecdote doesn't add to the conversation. Don't close your post with a greeting or signature. I know you're trying to be friendly, but it adds clutter.

Original Post:

Here are two questions:
First, I've noticed trough the wandering on Resto Shams topics that nobody talks about macros. I myself dont use a single, but was hoping to find something that could match my playstile. Maybe a macro mouseover for LB would work, I dont know.

Also, I would state that TC is working pretty nicely for me. I rarely fall bellow 80k Mana on Heroics (specially timed ZA's with the need for Big Heals). Only some raid encounters make me feel needy for mana, if there is only another healer. Again, may be noted that casting LB while raid healing with Healing Rain keeps you mana full almost all the time on normal encounters.

The second question is a bug: I found in my Hex as Resto sometimes breaks out of nothing, with less than 20 sec duration. Is this happening to any of you? Its wierd because my ench's hex is working ok...

Tyvm for your care, GJ on researching more and more!
Dont worry, be happy!

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