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Posted 27 August 2011 - 01:07 PM

Post: The Retribution Concordance - 4.2, Now with Two Scoops of Ragnar-Ohs
User: Cloudio
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Hello , I have a question so it's much appreciated if someone can answer me

Am not an engineering guy like you and i don't do/go through dps calculations .

Now when i try to choose my gear , i compare every single stat in the old gear with the new one . My reference point is always Mastery . So In the older gear i try to convert every single stat into mastery , i do the same for the new gear and i compare them .

( I.E Mastery = 0.5 X Str , Mastery = Exp , Mastery = Hit ) Approxiemately . For crit / haste , i check how much reforging that into mastery would be benificial for me ( where applicable ) .

Now the problem is , when i need to equip 4 x T12 , i might need to drop around 500 - 700 mastery points for the sake of the bonus set . Is there anyway to calculate the dps gained from Tier bonus and somehow convert it into numbers with reference to mastery so i can decide if it's better or not ?

for example can i assume +15 additional dmg from CS ( 2 xT12 bonus ) = X points of mastery ?

and if this is correct , is there any specific calculations for 2 X T12 , 4 x T12 or 2 x T12 + 2 X T11 ?

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