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Posted 05 September 2011 - 10:04 PM

Post: [Resto] Raiding 4.1 - updating for 4.2
User: Draewind
Infraction: 9. Do not sign your posts.
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You don't need to sign your posts or include a link to your talent spec. That information is in your profile to the left.

Original Post:

I have found much of our healing, in Firelands, is done (as stated before) with multiple targets below 25% health. This then gave everyone the assumption that Mastery is a viable stat. It is, in the later Firelands boss fights. Of course it isn't in many other situations. With the boost to Crit, and much of our talents being based on Crit heals, I have experimented and come to the conclusion that getting Crit up at the expense of Mastery is not only viable, but I have better performance overall (Raiding 25man Normal Firelands). Crit seems to have constant throughput, and though there are situations where Mastery will beat it out slightly, Crit is constantly the best stat. I keep Haste at or above 1410 on all of my gear configurations, then go for Crit. I sometimes have to reforge Crit to Haste to keep the minimum Haste of 1410 on all of my gear configurations. I got 1410 as a break point from previous discussions here and elsewhere. It appears to be a viable number with my style of play. Telluric Currents seems to be a must with Crit building and gearing. With all of my research and experience, I have come to use my own HEP values for evaluating gear. When I begin doing Heroic Firelands, things may change as I meet the new challenges and possibly find weakness in my gearing and talent choices. My current state of thought will always be found on my HEP webpage (Best-in-Slot) and my build from the armory. I waited quite awhile to post here, not wanting to speak up until I had a grasp on things and did a great deal of experimentation. Trinkets are a wildcard and best suited to individual needs (I use at least one for mana regen).

Draewind's Build

Draewind's "Best-in-Slot" page
(The links, on the page above, do not show reforging, but it is built into the item values by the method stated in the section on Gemming and Reforging.)

If anyone finds an item I may have overlooked, please let me know (using the "Error Report" link near the bottom of the page or in a private message). I will eventually get the page form based and allow individuals to enter their own HEP values for analyzing gear on a personal basis. Using the "Wowhead" links and adjusting the values there, is a good way of doing that now. (Item values on the page are normalized and match Wowhead values fairly closely for items without special procs or uses.)

Good Hunting!

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